MLB Commissioner Says He’s ‘Not Confident’ About Season | MSNBC

NBC Sports' Mike Tirico discusses MLB commissioner Rob Manfred saying that he's "not confident" about a baseball season due to coronavirus. Aired on 06/16/2020.
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MLB Commissioner Says He's 'Not Confident' About Season | MSNBC


  1. No one ever talks about the THOUSANDS of us that have worked covering live sports for years. We’re going on 3+ months of ZERO work & prospects of any work dwindling. All of us are in the tax bracket that is ineligible for stimulus checks and our unemployment has a month left.

    1. Busta yeah. Your right I should of seen this coming and told my kids I saved enough for you to goto college but I need to hold on to this because in the future coronavirus is going to obliterate the industry I make a living in.

    2. Everyone should have six months to one year of savings, in case of an unforeseen contingency. I can understand why almost half of all workers would not be able to do this, since they earn less than $32,000, but you have acknowledged you are in an income bracket ineligible for relief, so you really have no excuse at all.

    3. Constituent A I’m not crying here…just pointing out the fact that no one has mentioned an entire industry of workers that has disappeared. MLB “probably not coming back”, NBA players don’t want to play, no word about NFL…my twins college tuitions & the leases i co signed continue to be paid…my mortgage & car payments have continued to get paid. Medical expenses due to a terrible sickness my Wife had…you know normal day life…the end is near. I’m super glad your doing great tho

  2. You’re playing for your life now. I hope these players get plenty of money for endangering their lives… For your entertainment.

  3. If the season gets cancelled it will be the fault of the owners who don’t want to pay the players their fair share, even though it’s the players, staff, and their families who are putting their health on the line.

  4. There’s no logic to keeping things like they currently are. 0.05% death rate and plummeting. And a vaccine will never be 100%. Adults should be angry. Cheers from Toronto

    1. You need to keep up with the news. The numbers in NY are going down. The numbers in 22 other states are going up.

  5. “For the benefit of our fans. Oh and I’m in no way thinking about all that sweet sweet green which is slipping through my fingers as we speak! Just concerned for the dear fans.”

  6. Bahhhh. It’s baseball. Get over it. Sports don’t matter and I’m an athlete in every definition

  7. As soon as Lebron or Kyrie or Manu or Gronkowski dies they’ll shut down the whole thing.. Lal sports.

  8. Take away pro athletes massive salaries in this time of crisis and put them on unemployment like a great many of us and see how fast they don’t care about COVID anymore and beg to be playing ball again. Concern for Fans?!.. AAAHAHAHAHA yeah right. The only concern they have is for less money in THEIR pockets.

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