Mob Tactics? Trouble For Trump As Org Criminal Probe Turns To Mafia Expert

As the Manhattan DA ramps up the heat in their investigation into the Trump Organization, The New York Times reports that DA Cy Vance may charge Trump’s money man Allen Weisselberg as soon as this summer. Vance has also tapped two top prosecutors to assist him on the case. MSNBC’s Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber is joined by DOJ veteran Matt Miller to discuss the significance of Vance’s hiring decision and what the additions to the team signal about the state of the investigation. Miller explains that Vance’s decision to bring in two veteran prosecutors is not just to make the investigation strong, but to tell Vance before he makes any decisions that “this is a case you can win.” (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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    1. doubt rudy would take the case now that he’s been properly stiffed by the greatest non paying citizen of all time…

    1. @Jojo Gurl what where? Can you please show me where this double negative in the wild! is?!! Super excited! Ill await your link to a photo pls.

  1. Maybe we will see Trump up on RICO charges! How wonderful!!! Ten years in federal prison with no parole is the minimum sentence.

    1. @LM H Clinton and Obama don’t have a bunch of kooks going around championing their unfounded accusations against the rest of the voters AND they don’t have Bozos that will carry out an insurrection. Bunch of weirdos.

  2. mob boss crimes & treason in plain sight rabid right aiding & comforting.. may they rot in jail

    1. looks that way.. 🤷🏼‍♀️ either no one is above the law or America is no better than Russia

    1. @Milton Bradley to add to your comment (when the majority of people….) : when the EVIDENCE is also showing criminal activity, it usually means there IS/WAS criminal activity. This is why FOX, OAN, NEWSMAX, INFOWARS, et al don’t really talk about it. Because it’s like trying to convince MAGA that the sky is green with orange polka-dots! If it quacks like a duck and swims like a duck, it’s probably a duck! Quack quack!!!

    2. Yes, nobody thought it would be possible. Such a tremendous case! Greetings from the Netherlands 🇳🇱.

  3. Weasel-berg gonna get whacked: just you wait and see. If he flips he has to tell all: including Trump dealing with NYC Cosa Nostra and Russian Red Mafya.

    1. If any of that sounds like a conspiracy theory oh well. Facts are facts no matter how you line them up

    2. DOJ needs a Executive Crimes Commission..ban this treasonous traitor from public office or crown him

  4. When your entire life has been spent being coddled and shielded by others, you never really develop an incentive to exercise caution.

    1. @The VELT yes, all those trump idiot’s came to the Capitol for a tour, they just happened to wearing camo and body armor and forcing their way in looking for Democrats looking for autographs. They were there for one thing, and that my brain damaged friend, was to overthrow the government, but you already know that.

    1. Use him to empty white house trashcans he’ll be all “i used to put the trash IN these cans no really believe me”

  5. The Trump Organization and it’s Employees being a Ma and Pa Shop should be a Cakewalk for Federal and New York State Investigators and Prosecutors. It will be dealt with like a Hot Knife cutting through butter.

  6. He shouldn’t even be just a former president. He should be an impeached and removed, with NO federal protections, former president. The GOP coddling of the criminal has made it more difficult to do the right thing regarding him.

    1. You mean some kind of Presidential Annulment? This Presidency never actually happened; the Trump family and enterprises owe the government all the money it spent on him as though he had been President; all his EOs and appointments are null and void; he owes us for all his meals, travel expenses and rent for four years in the Residence?

      Well, he thinks the Supreme Court can give him mulligans for the 2020 election, so why not?

  7. Sorry wrong subject title – Mob and Mafia have more style and class than this “hooligan” Donald Trump

    1. He’s probably sorry he ever ran for potus!! Finally he will be losing a whole lot more than the election!!

    1. @Terry Stevens exactly. If Obama was guilty of any crime whatsoever, don’t you think Trump would have had him prosecuted during that four years he was in office and had the power to do so? Also it has been discovered that while the FBI was investigating Trump for his Russian connections and not under the direction of Obama, Donald Trump was investigating several Democrats and spying on them. It seems almost everything they accused Democrats of doing they are directly guilty of almost to the “T” of what they are accusing

    2. @Terry Stevens you people in just can’t handle trump being guilty. I pray he gets 50 years for all he done. Obama’s hasn’t done wrong. He wasn’t impeached at all. Trump 2 times. Con man criminal liar big time. He lost Arizons audit. 6/16/21

    3. @Not brain Washed show you what Obama crimes? There aren’t any.. just being a black president.. that is only a crime in the racists minds

  8. Trump on trail in a courtroom “testifying” in his own defense would make all of 2020 worth it🙏🏽😂

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