Mobay Vendors Frustrated with Local Authority | TVJ News - Dec 21 2021 1

Mobay Vendors Frustrated with Local Authority | TVJ News – Dec 21 2021


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  1. How the government expect people fi eat and live if they can’t make their money. Food affi eat, money affi mek oh gosh man come on Jamaica duh better. People a suffer

  2. My God this hurts my heart to see what they face.The unfair treament from those authorities its sad how they are being treated and its Christmas.smh

  3. The munipal police oftentimes abuse these people. Its not nice!! People trying to hustle to pay bills and feed their family. My god man, give them a break. This been going on for yearsssssss

  4. This is disturbing on so many levels… wickedness this them only cater for the rich cause when them rich business friends did a bawl bout curfew hours need fi extend cause them business a get affected them extend it so y not give the higglers way longer hours to sell kmt😡😡

  5. The beginning of sorrows. It is gonna get worse. They are squeezing the working class into poverty and it is the same in every country.

  6. Government no business with poor people. I hope everybody in jamaica see what is happening. Vote him out. Government a sell we out. Poor no have no talk again

  7. Had to come back to this. I cannot believe police take from vendors. I post all the time to pay the police for good law. Not police who abuse. This is so upsetting just to know ppl cannot make enough to eat. What do you want these ppl to do.
    How can police do that
    To vendors?

  8. U can’t feel every body pain if u try defend them u will shame because next election them same one take the money and vote them back fi suffer again

  9. That’s y crime so high in Jamaica, the government only want to make money for them self and we the poor suffer

  10. It’s time for them to be held accountable when you call the offices and they don’t respond they should be held accountable they have stop remember only the poor people goes through these things

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