Mochafest Surprise 1

Mochafest Surprise


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  1. Only the big man can survive, small man get crap, if it was a small poor man him dead a prison and police would be there to shut it down, Jamaica police too licky licky easy to buy out dam SHYT them

  2. Wow, Jamaican people have given these politicians the ability to do and say absolutely anything….. Wake up Jamaicans, when was the last time you guys got a WIN..

  3. If it was canceled in 2020, who did the graphic design work for 2021 and upload it on the website? These people take us for clowns enuh…

  4. Stop chat foolishness! It was on JTB website and endorsed by JTB. Everything is being talked about after the fact! How fortuitious!

  5. The people them that is living in Jamaica are sleeping they are easily influence and easily mislead and alot is easy to buy out that is why they are paying for it now

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