Moderna vaccine manufacturing plant is coming to Montreal

Pharmaceutical giant Moderna plans to open a Canadian vaccine manufacturing plant in Montreal.

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  1. Why are they always choosing Ontario or Quebec for stuff like this? Canada is not made up of those two provinces alone.

    1. These kinds of projects should be located in other less popular provinces to help them develop and catch up. Being an Ontario and Quebec centric country is bad for the whole nation

  2. Enlarged hearts, brain aneurysms, blood clots, kidney and liver failure, internal bleeding, tinnitus, death and those are just the side e f f e c t s
    that we know of now.

  3. mNRA vaccines are questionable according to a Denmark study coming in the Lancet. AZ and J&J were the better choice according to this study.

  4. The morderna facility should be raze down to ashes ‼️‼️‼️

  5. Just guessing but those in Ottawa will have a stake in it if already don’t. No influencing policy here. 🤔

  6. HOT OFF THE PRESSES: Moderna building new facility Montreal; Advil building up for sale; Western Canadians mysteriously very scared!!!

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