1. @American Disconnects yep will you better worry about the 64 million gun holders in this country love you going to end up pushing up daisies you dare put your f****** hands on us don’t you ever put your motherfuking hands on me ever ever

    2. @TheGolfdaily the police ain’t going nowhere and when they do the people will take over see cuz I’m a gun holder if you think I’m going to let you all run ragged like f****** heathens and criminals you best guess the f*** again I will not tolerate lawlessness act like a human being like you got some f****** home training

    3. @Kokolicious Maybe not ‘normal’…
      I was mostly referring to the removal of Dr. Shitstain. (Bunkerboy)

      Take it easy bro. Just think twice before pulling that trigger.
      Most of the time it is not worth it.
      But if you see a gun pointing at you.
      Then you don’t need to think.

  1. I watch this interview when an aired live and as a mother I cried. Because these cops don’t think about that they think they’re getting some bad guy off the street. For high beams? For $20? For selling loose cigarettes? Wearing a hoodie after leaving a convenience store? Riding the subway? Failing to signal? These people are somebody’s child and somebody’s parents. They didn’t deserve to lose their father this way and I can’t even imagine the unbearable pain those two sons are going through to have lost their dad who was a good dad. But yet every time the cops take a life, they try to go back and find something anything in that person’s past to somehow make it okay as if they even knew that information at the time of the murder. I’m so angry that this continues to happen and as a white woman who grew up in the 80s I never thought there would be another incident like Rodney King. But oh, that was the tip of the iceberg. Because Rodney King lived. Cops got bold after that and saw that even with video evidence of beating a man lying on the ground they’ve still got to acquitted. I hope that A change is going to come and it is hundreds of years past due.

    1. Stephanie yes! Their is plenty of places that do not have police! Please move to one and you will be very happy and safe! Let us know how happy and safe you are when you arrive.

    2. Don’t forget leading the police on a 22 minute chase that endangered the lives of the citizens and police, and resisting arrest after committing the felony of a vehicle chase, then resisting while being tased multiple times. Stop falling victim for the lies about these criminals.

    3. My Heart broke watching this Child trying to hold him self together…Your Comment covered the A to Z …this need to stop …Now 2020 !!!

    4. @NesQuik2258 Please point out where she said she wants no police. Police reform does not mean no police. Learn reading comprehension before making snide meaningless comments.

  2. Just because the cops say “Stop Resisting” doesn’t mean the civilian is resisting. They just say that because they know they are being recorded.

    1. Lynn Gipe 👍🏻good job, keeping up that stereotype of “the angry black woman”.
      Well, you really can’t call it a stereotype when it’s your way of life😅🤣😂

  3. I’m so very sorry for your loss… This is unjustifiable and in God’s great glory and name I pray for you to see peace.

    1. This happened in 2019 y’all and now the media wants to show it..but it’s only because of clout this happened before George Floyd his name Javier ambler …this is old news but the Media wants us fired up! Stay out the trap and pray for peace

    2. All if you are dense and easily manipulated. He was breaking the law and endangering the lives of police and other citizens. He is not a victim.

    1. @American Disconnects you really are diaconnected…from America anyway…
      America shines its brightest light on its darkest moment. America does not quit. America is just another country without faith and hope.

  4. It does not matter what he did or did not do. He didn’t deserve to die on the side of the road in police custody. Period.

    1. Agree 💯 percent.. Wow that poor man 😠.. It’s hard to lose a parent as an adult and even harder on children to lose a parent.. My heart and prayers go out to this family 🙏

    2. Neither (and less) did Dorn.. but I guess ye don’t care since he’s white, ye nasty people are obsessed with skin color!!! F that pornstar thug who beat up pregnant women – Floyd

  5. It’s time to make their own words reality- “I feared for my life” let the season of cop and bushings begin!

    1. To be honest with u it breaks my heart to see how brutal the cops are in your country
      May god be with u 😢😢😢

  6. Some sick twisted puke cop really bragged he broke a dead man’s finger?!? Say what?!
    Good Lord!

    1. Thank you!! That all we want for is to matter. We know we matter but it would be amazing if other people felt we did too!!!

    2. you can’t vote for fascist aka conservatives and claim to be for human rights at the same time – you are an Imbecile !!

    3. @GiarkReleos *Radical Leftists are the greatest threat the country has ever faced.* Conservatives aren’t burning down their neighborhoods, rioting, looting and trying to cancel celebrities and businesses for not being WOKE enough. *Put your theory to the test* Put on a MAGA hat and post the selfie on YOUR social media profile. See how TOLERANT your friends are in the next 24-48 hours!

    4. Cedd Mack what I meant was that all black lives matter (also)just as all life matters! And I don’t want your credit and I’m black too (Black Puerto Rican)

  7. Saying over and over again “Stop resisting” does NOT absolve the fact that he was NOT resisting he was in distress and the officers were ignoring that fact!!! LAWS MUST CHANGE!

    1. most whites would just get a ticket for the offenses I see many blacks get killed for… I once had $60 in fake $20 and $300 in fake $100 bills, I handed them to the officers when they came and I walked away, no ticket, no jail… nothing… I didn’t know they were fake, no telling if Floyd did… Must treat him as an innocent. but not… Floyd, he got the death penalty… some will say ” well he has some drugs ” So, I could have had drugs too, but the cops let me walk… Never fisked me, never touched me… I walked… You dig deep enough on anyone with a crooked eye you will always find some charge to bring on someone… this is why 13% of America goes to prison far more often per capita than any other.

    2. @Kevin K. I have always been an Eye for an Eye kinda guy… Remember the ” War On Police ” a few years back… IMO it was justified… if a Black man is truly resisting, even a white guy, fine, do what you can to arrest him… but he better have caused a crime that is worth it… Kill a man for selling a loose cigarette, passing a $20 bill, or just giving a cop attitude… cop should understand that many out there think an eye for an eye is justified and have no tears when they claim they are being attacked.

    3. Anytime I hear a cop say “stop resisting” on a body cam video, it automatically tells me they’re about to use excessive force for something “that wasn’t seen on camera”. It’s fucking bullshit. That’s how they cover up all the wrong they do, because if somebody resists they have the right to beat you to hell or kill you. To them, breathing is resistance, it’s crazy. I hate cops like that.

    1. Still arguing if the highly criminal thug was resisting or not? No way to determine, but there is a way to determine if he beat a preg in the styomach and passs out fake dollars and on drugs, etc.

    2. officer train with a few terms inscribed in their head, #1 ” I feared for my life ” and #2 ” stop resisting. ” Either one of them is a get out of jail free card for officers. and if that won’t work, screw getting a lawyer. They just get their Union to make it go away.

    3. @Liberty Constitution Legacy Are serious?!? For one this is Not George Floyd, this is whole different person that the police murdered. Even if he was resisting, does that merit the death penalty?

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