Moment of $8,000 ‘grandparent scam’ in Ontario caught on doorbell cam

Police warn seniors of the dangers of the 'Grandparent scam' and explain how to be protected.

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    1. Apparently they go on Facebook and other sites and do their research. It’s like putting together a big puzzle.

  1. who hands a random person 8000$ dressed like that and isn’t even parked in your driveway. if your that gullible you deserve it. regardless of age!

    1. I too wonder how anyone could be so gullible. I would be doing a follow up about the information if I had grandchildren. I am not a very trusting person & I am a Senior

    2. Why didn’t they call the grandchild to confirm the story? Or someone else like his parents, siblings etc.

  2. Why would you NOT check about your grandchild’s situation before giving money to a stranger. Phone your son/daughter and speak with them…..DO NOT HAND YOUR MONEY OR BANKING INFORMATION TO STRANGERS!!

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