So Monday is may day. what is may day about? Let us therefore remind ourselves that The labour party was born out of the need to free poor labourers workers from excessive abuse in the workplace. The labour party was born on the Trade union door step on Independence street. The work of Edward Oliver leblanc is well entrenched in the last 50 years in our laws on the rights of workers . Labour always stood for the poor labourer laabouweh from time immemorial. So when I heard Brother Hon Charles savarin today on the 1.15 news on DBS, whereby he went on to remind us on those very freedoms workers have come to enjoy today after 50 years in the Industrial relations act.

But!! not once did he mention the topic of the week. That There seems to be a move to have the slaves at the DAIC move on the LABOUR govt to return workers back to the years of the crusaders when no rights existed on decency in the workplace on compensation..

Imagine the Daic is pushing the GOVT offcourse with the actual pushers the Conglomerates silently in the backgroud the real culprits.

1) IS it true that soon we will no longer recognise the established worlwide forty hour work week?
2) is it true soon we will now be made to work mandatory on a sunday? and if we do not come to work on a sunday we will be fired!!! And if I want to come to work on a sunday at the supermarkets,, it must and should be voluntarily and at double pay!!
3) Is it true that soon we the workers will be made to work at the same regular weekly labour rate on a sunday?.
4) And Is it true that the time and a half and double pay after the forty hours of work will soon be abolished?.
5) I see finally at the end of the show Bro Charles is finally making a little point on the meaning of May day and the workers rights.

Please someone will we ask the Minister of labour to come clean with us the poor malaway workers labourers who made labour what it is today. May day Folks!!

Is labour about to renege on the very people that made labour. is it true the workers of this country are about to be traitored to satisfy the greed of the Conglomerates to open their supermarkets on sundays. Will we be abolishing sunday worhsip and family rest day sunday as entrenched in the laws of Dominica? Will the Public workers Govt offices, banks, Lawyers, all all workplaces, insurances offices all work also on SUNDAY!!!

Is it true that labour is about to forget the roots of the last fifty years of the may day celebrations?

tell Dr Mcintrye come clean about his grandstanding on Marpin TV this week, that we must open roseau for Tourists my neck. Dr Mc!!, read my lips,, tourists do NOT repeat do not shop in roseau. they come to vist our waterfalls. well yes they do purchase some trinkets from the nasty slum on the waterfront they encounter on disembarkaion on shore.

Please Minister of Labour ? will you make a profound statement on simulcast TV, Radio, every media house on Monday Mayday and put all the workers at ease and at peace once and for all.

The Unions are silently watching you Sir. And all labourites are silently looking on the side quietly in an uneasiness. .

Happy weekend and May day folks. Seems like even May day celebration have been abolished???


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