Monkeypox survivor describes ‘hysteria’ when he entered hospital | USA TODAY

"When I got there, there was a sense of panic or hysteria." A New York City man described his encounter at a local hospital after he began showing symptoms of monkeypox.

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  1. … so the local hospital went through the standard procedure of isolating to prevent further contaminations. Did you expect hugs from them? The hospital staff needs to protect themselves from YOU first.

  2. People please try to remember that healthcare professionals are there to treat illness or potentially save your life *NOT* coddle your feelings. I didn’t hear a single “thank you” out of this gentleman’s mouth & I’m sure the hospital staff didn’t either.

  3. One thing no one should be screwing around with each other and catching diseases that’s sick people need to get morals and be with the ones that you love not just have sex

  4. “Feel like a leper”

    I mean you basically were, you can call other people ignorant but at the end of the day YOU got a sickness and the hospital staff were doing their best from catching it.

  5. they should panic-it’s a horrible contagious disease! If they catch it who’s going to care for the sick!?

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