Monstrous weekend fires expected in Australia, ‘leave now’ warn officials

More evacuation notices have been issued in Australia ahead of extreme weekend weather conditions expected to spark massive new fires. The New York Times' Isabella Kwai has more.

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  1. Australia Is more than likely done for. These brush fires are going inward from all the sides from the outsides. If it burn all the way through , there won’t be anything left . Imagine what the 350 million already dead wildlife will do to the ecosystem there? Australians will have to revert to a fishing city to survive.

    1. @ModernDH The money goes into restocking lakes and making fishing sustainable. Its $35 for a year and not all states require it. Im more then happy to pay that money so we can keep taking kids fishings.

      Why talk about things you dont even know or understand?

    1. @Kobe Teeth This is the point where you should delete your post or pretend you were joking, because that was embarrassing for you.

    2. ​@jocaguz18 it appears that he thinks that being able to predict the weather is a science but predicting the movement of the planets is more or less witchcraft.

    3. The earth is a flat plane, how do you all like that? Go ahead and try to find curvature. The earth is flat, that is that.

  2. The main source of electricity generation in Australia is burning coal. They could be generation electricity by burning these trees as biofuel.

  3. This is just crazy… Our prayers from Canada ! Wish we could ship you all our snow to put those fires out !

    1. This what happens when greed comes before nature, destroy the Murray River and change the climate states sorrounding the Murry darling basin

  4. this reminds me of my family’s story of the Miramachi Fire of 1825. i pray that the loss of life does not come anywhere near that number and i pray that this is over quickly for all those in the threatened areas.

  5. From the fire affected area. Climate change did cause this… The fuckwit greenies decided that burn off’s and clearing up millions of tonnes for dry fuel is bad for the environment.
    What is more likely the issue morons? Climate change? Or piling up millions of tonnes of dry fuel waiting for a spark which in Australian, is guaranteed.
    If you say climate change you are apart of the problem that has destroyed hundreds of homes and taken so many lives!

  6. How do the Australians afford all that fire 🔥 Carbon pollution if that was Canada I’d be bankrupt

  7. It happens every year and yet is climate change and always a shock I wonder why they don’t do control burns oh yeah labor cut their budget thanks labor ruining Australia since colonisation and this is why you lost in the election.

  8. All our love to you aulstralia I’m your neighbor in NZ we will try help you with all our praying 🙏 I was wishing to go there when I’m older but that might come to an end but we Believe in you I wish I could help best of luck xox 😭❤️❤️💗


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