Montana highway vehicle pileup leaves six people dead | USA TODAY

Montana highway vehicle pileup leaves six people dead | USA TODAY 1


  1. As they lay down to sleep forever
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  2. People have no clue how to drive safely. Leaving more than enough space to stop, not tail gating, speeding, racing to get in front of people.
    People are dumb and inconsiderate

    1. @Noneya Bizz … and law enforcement and other highway safety officials don’t lift a finger. I laugh when I think of all the time, energy, money and attention that Don’t Drink and Drive has gotten …. great message, sure, but the percentage of alcohol-related fatalities has remained largely the same over the decades.

      On the other hand, I have only heard about ten minutes’ worth of Drive Safe and Don’t Be an Idiot radio commercials.

      But, I guess there’s just too many drivers on the road to make not tailgaiting feasible on daily commutes.

    2. @grassfireu agree. I was stuck behind someone the other day, they were all over the road and varying speed. Guy had his phone directly in front of his face and was messing with it. And when he finally put it in the mount he had set up, thar was nearly directly in front of the wheel. We passed a cop while he was doing this, cop wasn’t even looking, didn’t seem to notice that guy was driving on the solid lines dividing opposing traffic.

    3. 🙏♥️for miracle healing, protection, strength, upon affected. In Jesus name. To God be the glory.

    1. It likely came on suddenly! This is a lonely stretch with 45+ miles between Hardin and Billings. no, it was not climate change either!!!!!

  3. Maybe if I saw a zero visibility dust storm I would pull off the road before going into it. But I wasn’t there. I guess if it blows across the hwy when the cars are right in the dusts path there is nothing that can make it safer.

    1. If you ever pull off the road in zero visibility they say to turn off your tail lights or you can get rear ended. Dangerous either way.

  4. The reason for these pileups during storms (dust, snow, rain, hail, etc) is almost always speed too fast for conditions.

    1. Lots of speed, low visibility and people not trying to pay attention. You’re in low visibility. Slow down but no people through that area all year round even during whiteout conditions drive like jackasses So I’m not sorry that they died.

    1. There is no such thing as god – and definitely not your evil christian god – in the universe. The whole concept is nothing more than simplistic, human folklore. Don’t you see, tragedy is something we have to deal with on our own in an unforgiving, indifferent, hostile universe? Don’t fool yourself!

  5. Speed was the primary factor in the wrecks and deaths. No 2 ways about it. You enter any adverse conditions you slow down period, not debatable.

  6. This isn’t Surprising when state troopers refuse to enforce traffic laws. Speeding, tailgating, lack or no use of turn signals, dipwits towing campers and boats without the proper mirrors, playing with phone doing 80 mph. Stop being a child when driving!!!!! Speed x weight x speed and weight of other vehicle or an animal.

  7. That suck for those folks involved hope the are alright you can replace the cars you can’t replace people.

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  9. The sprinter van is/ was probably someone’s home. I hope insurance covers a roof over their head while it gets repaired

  10. Maybe we should ban cars since cars are dangerous and anyone can get one and they are just too accessible in America. People die every day from car violence. we need to restrict cars more and limit the capacity of people in one car to limit the amount of damage that can be done by one car.

  11. Time to ban the killer automobiles! I’m tired of these senseless killings and wrecks. Ban cars! There’s no reason a car should go over 70 mph anyways. If u drive a car, ur a lazy coward

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