Moore Town Maroon Chief Calls for Dialogue | TVJ News – Jan 12 2022

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  1. Unlike Ms. Lashie Andrew, who sheds “Crocodile Tears” at the Church and Berated the Accompong Maroon Chief in public, this man is a Diplomat and should be the Prime Minister.

    1. Ms. Lashie, mi luv dat. I agree with you 100%. The tiefing gov’t and friends just want to dig up and exploit the Cockpit Country

    2. @Skibbo Shadow and the bauxite will be exploited with the government only getting pennies from each dollar. Jobs will be provided until the bauxite has been exhausted. no real growth for the country that is a top 10 provider of bauxite worldwide and depending on tourism for most of it’s GDP. A sentiment to the sell out government who has to depend on the Chinese for infrastructure development.

  2. The prime Minister is a bully chif curry is doingthe right thing he is defending his rights what thay fight for may God bless and keep protecting children curry and is people

    1. Read your statement again cause you yourself confuse, curry actually come out some many times asking bat head Andrew fi a meeting together so they can work things out, instead Andrew don’t even want to talk with the man. And you over here with your brainwash self speaking 💩, you no see Andrew make 90% of Jamaican lose faith in him and he’s doing even worst damage to the country so gone hold on to your god Andrew don’t jump off a the wagon.

  3. This man have much more sense compared to that muppet Curry! Power got to Curry’ goat’s head and him turn bad man…

    1. You are unto something. You can’t have a Sovereign State within a Sovereign State as power hungry Currie is insisting. that would be room for disaster.🤣🤣

  4. One of the biggest problem surrounding the ongoing arguments is that many Maroons are promoting the belief that they are an indigenous people . We only have to look in a random Dictionary that explains the meaning of ” Indigenous ” and it doesn’t apply to Maroons . The only indigenous people of Jamaica are the Tainos/Arawaks who still exist in Jamaica . They can still be found in the Southern parts of St Elizabeth and other places . The place once known as Nanny Town is where the Maroon Gentleman is speaking from is now named after the British Governor to replace Nanny Town destroyed in 1734 and is the place that is recognised as Nanny ‘s last stand . The entire Town was destroyed and named Moores Town in 1765 . According to the original Treaty the Maroons are obliged to fight against any force that Rebels under any Government under the British . This is one of the reasons that supports the establishment of a Jamaican Republic . In the event of Currie trying to undermine the legitimacy of the Democratically elected government would enact the Treaty that obliges all Maroons to respect their obligations . Chief Currie is walking on Egg Shells . The only conversation the Government should be having is how to integrate the Maroons into a 2022 All inclusive Society where there are opportunities to spread many aspects of their Culture into a wider Jamaican Culture that accommodates every Jamaican . The Tainos are not demanding special treatment how dare the Maroons . The Original Treaty has been altered several times since 1738 and the changes have been documented . The Maroons who were not able to read the Treaty can do so now . It’s obvious that Currie doesn’t have an understanding of the Treaty , so how can he have a sensible discussion or solution . The facts that I have stated can be found on the internet incase anyone wants to challenge them . Any ignorant person will be dismissed by me . But I am open to facts that are verifiable .

    1. @876 Plug I have traveled throughout these parishes and I have seen the disruptions caused by mining but these were early days of what I would call raping of them the land but it is a new time and mining technology is far advanced, furthermore, the people in these communities will certainly not allow this pillage to take place again but in the same breath, they need the development and educating our people is of prior importance..we cannot do this without money…holding to these lands solely for sentimental and religious reasons is not enough …
      This is my opinion..

    2. @JUDVU well I have learnt a lot here and for some reason every maroon that I have encountered are either backstabbers are undermining..must be in their genes…my aunt married one and it was hell all her life, I employed one of her sons and he encouraged my other staff to steal from me, his own relative..I am still ashamed to this very day…

    3. @Build Indian well that mind set ain’t right, and there’s nothing advance in mining here I think you should go take a look again, it still affects people, and like you said we need money, then use up our people they literally would die to work, they literally say it everyday build a factory and businesses that help Jamaica, only jobs out are like call center which pay better that nursing lol big joke , instead we bringing in all these company from another country that bankrupting us, these are reason USA don’t deal with China anymore, they pan a company in every country are build a road in every country and if you can’t pay them off by a certain time you lose your land right there, think wisely and not money hungry not all money is good, killing off your own for foreigners ain’t humanly, in every country there’s a religious believe are tradition you can’t take away because that’s what makes us who we are, that’s what your ancestors died for so you could be free today otherwise today you would still be a cage getting wip

    4. @876 Plug i do not see how maroon helped to secure our freedom, infact they were instrumental in delaying the abolishing of slavery for more than 100 years by returning runaways and murdering their own peoples for money..
      I do remember when many of the same people living in these mining communities were proud to say they worked at with these companies..
      They built their houses and sent their children to school from these very same means..
      Needless to say we are in a different time..

    5. @Build Indian 🤦🏾‍♂️ yeah like killing our own is old, we kill our own every day in all form and shape, it ain’t new it’s happening everyday in Jamaica? and it ain’t going to stop if Andrew don’t know how to work around things and work with people of the land

  5. We want war we the young people will fight for our rights. Move your goal post sir, but please, not ours. Pick unno side and stay over deh

  6. U hear what the elder say we fe reason like adults PM no waa do that from start.Him only a force tings an a mek fe him own rules everything him say there is no such things a trouble him a look.If him and who following him no stop u know what dem plan to do everybody already know war like Bob sing some time war is de answer war bring peace nuff time already

  7. Stand for your right the great bob marley once said maroon forever.🇯🇲🎉🥳🙏🏿💯🎯🇯🇲🇨🇦🇧🇧🇶🇦

  8. 👍👍👍Other Chiefs need to weigh in on this too
    Too much ego involved in Accompong dispute
    Does Currie want to run as an independent or create another party in coming elections
    Whether they accept it or not they a part of the Jamaican society
    They benefit from social , educational and other economic opportunities like other Jamaicans
    Was Currie educated at Munro and UWI ?
    Did he work for Jamaican companies ?
    Is there a separate social , economic and educational system run by the Marroons that separates them from the rest of Jamaican citizenry ???

    Aren’t they the descendants of former enslaved Africans like the majority of Jamaicans ?
    With the bloodlines , some of them, of the declining indigenous Tainos who taught them how to survive in the inhospitable (to the colonizers) terrain of Jamaica .???🤔🤔🤔
    Did the British colonizers honor the terms of the treaty in good faith or did they use the Maroons to hunt , kill if they resisted and capture and return enslaved Africans who ran away from the plantations
    Were these enslaved Africans betrayed by their black African Maroon brothers ?🤔🤔🤔🤔

    Did Nanny return enslaved Africans who escaped the plantations to their white masters in accordance with the terms of the marroon wars treaty they signed with the British ? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
    If so why is she a National hero? 🤔🤔
    How can we be sure when the mysogenous nature of the official recorded history is silent on women’s contribution and we only have anecdotal stories passed down through the centuries ???🤔🤔

    Can Verene Shepherd and other history scholars answer these questions or are we to be treated to a revisionist interpretation …….

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