‘Morally Shocking’: Inside The Escalation Between Israel And Gaza 1

‘Morally Shocking’: Inside The Escalation Between Israel And Gaza


Chris Hayes and guests Rula Jebreal and Lisa Goldman examine the escalating violence in Israel—and why it is so “morally shocking.”

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    1. @Brian Jones its funny how you manage to be wrong on practically every single issue you ever comment on. it must be a talent.

    2. @Noreb LOL this news bit ignores how Israel is murdering Palestinians (again) and all you can talk about is your TDS

    3. @BidenHarris: MAD Magazine’s Person Of The Year Hey genius, don’t shoot rockets, u won’t get killed. Too hard for them to understand. That’s what they get for letting Hamas lead them.

    4. @a rose by the other name Dumb comment. The Mexican cartels, and Hamas among others were very afraid of Trump. Nobody is afraid of Biden, that’s why there’s bombing in Israel, and chaos at the border. So smart u cant see what’s right in ur face!

    1. @Zio Oren what history? the promised land? your ‘bible’ is not a land certificate.the british stole the land for you but you’re too greedy to be satisfied with that and you want all that land for yourself.
      just accept that you’re the new NAZI.

    2. If this was a genocide, Israel would have flattened Palestine and been back to business as usual by lunch.

  1. There’s a diary and there diary of a girl about what happens when there are in the camps …and they maid a movie about what happened.. (history)…

    1. As a Texan, I tried to warn people for years about this. There is a saying in economics, “when the United States sneezes, the world catches a cold.” This is also very much the case with policy and morality. So while tens of millions of selfish Americans thought only about feeding their ravenous egos, we spread the fires hate, racism, bigotry, demagoguery, and endemic dishonesty around the world. We collectively cried out, “NO MORE INHIBITIONS! Let the ugliness out of you! Look at the ugly things we’re doing and becoming, so it’s ‘OK’ now.”

    1. This is exactly what you get when you tell white people they’re special. They have a history of this.

  2. like the thing we most of any crave for, both feeling & acting under, is… hate. if we see someone “important” adopt it, it’s like “a” “we can!” “now”. last time we “fell for” love, did we crave for or thought we could also “fall for” hate while loving¿ if we’re not the one(s) falling for either, others might think we’re nuts. 4 not knowing “what” we l i k e or “why”.

  3. Nobody should pretend to be shocked by what Israel is doing to the Palestinians, they have been conviniently turning a blind eye and when one speaks out against Israel, they are accused of being anti semetic. Stop with the pretense

  4. Escalation between? Or escalation over? Genocide isn’t an escalation between groups. One side is murdering the other and America is funding it.

    1. This is nothing new. Netanyahu has never ever tried to stop it. Bishop Tutu described the situation as apartheid. How long have we watched as Palestinian homes were bulldozed on the West Bank? On Palestinian land.

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