More Calls for George Wright to Resign | TVJ News - April 26 2021 1

More Calls for George Wright to Resign | TVJ News – April 26 2021


The pressure on Westmoreland Central MP George Wright to resign has intensified with two more groups calling for him to vacate his seat in the House of Representatives.

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  1. Jlp a wicked they other day when the young lady die Andrew gone over the woman yard talking about him stand with the woman but now one of his friend is in the act all now him not even say a word the man beat the woman like a martial combat him a play when him get tired fi use his hands him draw for a stool so u a tell me say the woman pon the jlp side agree with him because all now they don’t say anything then you agree with them all Andrew talk bout is vaccine and him Friend a beat woman with stool and him quiet him just a for this to die down to come back again come talk bout vaccine

  2. I know so many people that need to leave and want to head to and bring what they’ve gathered and invest in the country, but is selling itself as a ‘pit of misery and fear’, so soooo many are taking their capital to Africa.
    Nothing wrong with heading to our, ultimate, homeland, but if only Jamaica wasn’t so ‘badmind’ and terrifying. The amount of returning capital would outdo the tourist injection, I’m sure. Capital, skills and a ton of love wants to relocate, but ?

    Wow. Stunning. If I was from almost any country on earth, I’d be planning right now, but……

    1. 100% And not just uk either… Jamaica could be one of the wealthiest most successful little island in the world.

      The crime rate is really devastating Jamaica

  3. If a leave of absence is intended to appease the Jamaican public it simply will not work. Physical abuse is reprehensible. The Honourable member with the dishonourable conduct should consider his position untenable.

  4. He has to left what’s the hold up this behavior. Must not talarated I hope this female get medical help he must be arrested I. Can imaging what goes on behind close doors he is a disgrace as a man he must not to seen or heard of be gone nonsense

  5. Seriously this won’t happen there’s nobody governing the government they do what they want and always get away with it

  6. Why they keep saying hitting a woman? We all know is his wife him a beat. Him need fi get kick out of the cabinet. No woman beater round here. Him fi get lock up

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