More Chaos at Traffic Court – Last Day of Traffic Ticket Reprieve Period | TVJ News

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  1. A Sunday Law Which will be The Mark Of The Beast when enforce by law, Those that keep Gods seventh day sabbath will be prohibited from buying and sell and persecuted. Jesus is coming are you ready?

  2. Since it’s an amnesty program, why not allow people to pay online? And maybe give them 3%-5% interest. If they don’t want that then they can go to court. I don’t understand why this process is taking forever to clear.

    1. Simple, Jamaica REFUSES to invest in making systems electronic and more streamline. What these cumbersome and primitive processes do, is “create jobs”. Every government system in Jamaica requires an individual to make more steps than they need to and is too often a whole day process. I agree, for blatant delinquency (as it appears to be in many of these cases) charge an additional percentage but offer the public the ability to pay online. Very simple, but unlikely to happen.

  3. How? How does ONE PERSON have all of 400 tickets? In my mind, even 5 outstanding tickets is a mad stretch. FOUR HUNDRED? How does someone like that still have a licence? Half a million in fines for another? This nuh mek nuh sense to me. On the other hand, if yuh deh a court fi a $400 ticket, you a waste people time and fi get a higher charge jus fi time wasting.

  4. There should and must be law and order of course, but don’t put so much pressure and burden on those trying to earn an honest living from what they do. If government really care about the road users so much, use some of the revenues collected to supply helmets and stop pressure the business owners to give helmets out of their pockets. If it’s a case where the business owners get the helmets with the bikes and selling them separately,let them issue it, but if not, help them to supply it. If government really care, help those with outstanding tickets by wiping the slate clean and start fresh on February 1st 2023 for every motor vehicle operators who have committed an offence, but God has to come for this world before that happen. It’s all about collecting citizens money at any cost for them. Cost of living alone is so damn high in this country, where must people get it from? Some people don’t even eat a healthy or decent meal, simply because they can’t afford to. If government is really for the people, help us and show us that you genuinely care, but they won’t do so unless it’s beneficial to them like we see them do when it’s voting time. But again, I blame the people! The government aim is to get a percentage out of everything the citizens of this country do by clamping down heavily on us and we can’t see how they use the revenues collected to improve the country and the living conditions of it’s citizens. But a unuh same people keep voting PNP and JLP into power. When are we gonna realize that the government is for the people and not the people for the government. It’s the people who has the real power but we are not united at all so we give them the opportunity to take advantage of us at all times.
    And for those of you we are congratulating the Andrew’s led administration, it’s because you don’t have an ounce of clue of how hard and difficult live can be for our youths. You people are already in a better position so you can jump on Andrew’s bandwagon. You don’t know the pain and hardship our honest and hardworking woman and man of this nation feel.

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