More Concerns about Medical Oxygen Shortage in Jamaica | TVJ News - March 20 2021 1

More Concerns about Medical Oxygen Shortage in Jamaica | TVJ News – March 20 2021


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  1. Wonder if our minister realize that Jamaica going backward. The country take 1 step forward in some areas and 10 steps backward because of failure in other areas.
    In this day and age our love ones dying because hospital turn them away or cannot care for them. This is so sad.

    1. Yes, however, it is apart of the government disaster plan and preparedness to be proactive more than reactive. There is absolutely NO justified reason why anyone should die due to inadequate oxygen. I am sorry this is negligence and lack of medical care.

    2. @Sherine July this is not poor managent on nurses. Jamaica has a history for failing to adequately care and provide equipment and supplies to both inpatient and out patients. There is also a urgent need for more clinics and hospitals in Jamaica so that people don’t have to travel for an hour to get the care they need. This has been a medical eye sore interns of inadequate access to medical care. The outcry for adequate beds has been a long term crisis in hospitals.

    3. Communities needs health centers where citizens can have their blood screening, blood pressure checks and other basic routine checks and monitoring to avoid the ongoing overcrowding in all hospitals. I didn’t hear anything about these measures.

    4. Mr. Priminister you cannot uplift or develop a country, neither will your governance be successful without addressing the social basic needs of citizens. Infact, your administration should be held accountable and liable when such failure has resulted in negligence such as resulting in the death of a human being. Your governance are in place to provide and ensure that the basic human needs are met to sustain humanity, decency and prosperity among the people you govern, this is a failure when this is not done. Also this includes not to passing on some of those responsibilities onto relatives living overseas.

  2. All nurses on staff should be responsible. No excuses. Treat all Pts like your own family. Pts first

    1. Medical oxygen shortage is a global impact, here in Jamaica we are short as well, can nurse mek oxygen, unuh fi hear….

    2. @Sherine July U are talking nonsense .A hospital without oxygen in a time as covid is poor management .No excuse

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