More Coronavirus Cases Reported In California | Katy Tur | MSNBC

As voting for the California Democratic primary begins, some voters are concerned about the growing threat of coronavirus in the state. California Lieutenant Governor Eleni Kounalakis joins Katy Tur. Aired on 03/02/20.
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More Coronavirus Cases Reported In California | Katy Tur | MSNBC


  1. The level of risk is definitely changing as more cases are
    Pop up. 6 people in Washington died so far. This is very concerning.

    1. @aman andam
      I suppose everyone has forgotten about H1N1 that killed 1000 people in the U.S. before Obama called an emergency.
      The selective “memory of a goldfish” the left possess.

    2. @Rooster
      “Tell everyone that 12000 people will die next year and everyone will expect it.” “But have 10 people die in a way they didn’t expect and suddenly, everyone loses their minds.” Joker…The Dark Knight
      Ahhh Graphic Novels….is there anything they don’t know?

    3. Dylan Colby well compared to known infections but it seems like a lot of people show no symptoms at all and are undetected

  2. Why would she NOT answer the question???? What if you can’t afford to go to the dr?? Uninsured Underinsured

    1. In short if there an outbreak where hundreds or thousands are affected just 1/10 of China , can the system handle and how? Where are the quarantine areas . Do you have enough to care for serious cases that requires ICU care? Doubt so.

    2. @Alan Foo No one intends to do so. The US isn’t socialist! You can provide for yourself if you want to. There are private clinics well prepared! Capitalism, get it?

    1. jordanimated streaming life savings like this is America nobody has life savings anymore people waste this money these days so than what after that?

    2. Ely Garcia 100% the rich less and went to China and smh they just let them in to get the poor infected like wth that is bull and California never even should have let them people in most of them didn’t even live in California and now they are sending these people home and guess what it is spreading cuz the CDC only test them like a few times and only keeps then 14 days rather than 30 days with more than 4 tests

  3. MSNBC: “People worrying about the potential high cost of treatment what do you say to them?”
    Health Expert: Good luck…and also b!tch better have my money💰🤑💵

    1. just act like you’re an illegal, then they’ll give you the 5 star treatment in Cantafordya

    2. It’s a good thing the front line state officials have been on top of this for over a month!!

    1. I had to ” Rewind ” yes .. spooky .. I was telling a story about a crow that perched on my deck just the other day At a window and cawed at me . . I opened and it was 2 feet away and continued .. 2 days later I became deathly ill and about died in my bed .. Had it not been for emergency help .. I wouldn’t be here .. .. I believe in Miracles . but also harbingers of things to come

    1. She kept saying “call your health care provider” as if everyone has a steady health care provider. Dodges the quesions.

    2. I use to live paycheck to pay check. I had no insurance. I ended up having a life saving surgery. Very costly. They set me up on plan to make monthly payment plan. I just had to prioritize my money . And make changes to my lifestyle to get thru those hard years.

  4. By tomorrow Californians will be freaking out. The old folks like me are gonna stay away from the polls in droves. Not good for Biden!

    1. I’ve been saying since late January that it has probably being silently spreading in the US. Now people are staring to come out of incubation. This is only the beginning. I live in SoCal and people are starting to freak out. More wearing masks. Hand sanitizer and wipes available at almost every business. I wish I didn’t have to leave my house but I have to work.

  5. It’s a good thing the front line state officials have been on top of this for over a month!!

  6. My Mom recently passed away from Cancer. The day before she passed a doctor dressed not in scrubs but in a fine bespoke Italian suit proposed a useless treatment that would cost $34,000 per dose with a recommendation for 10 doses. All they care about is cash money.

    1. I’m sorry about your mother. Greed is gospel in this country it’s too bad more of our daily transactions weren’t win win scenarios.

    2. @phục êwê money comes and goes young man and you most definitely are a young man who probably comes from a two doctor family kinda money but most definitely not unbelievably rich you can lie and so no I’m way richer so just let it go after you read this or I will tell it like it is.

    3. @Layer Cake Arts I am thinking of you today, just so you know. My mom passed away a year ago from stomach cancer. I think of her every day too.

  7. They rate the risk as low until one day they say it’s high. The chances are it will be high risk for everyone soon. Get prepared people.

    1. Very true ask yourself this, How would they change the risk level from low to high In a short amount of time? Simple just tell them the risk is low and theres nothing to worry about…Swear It dont take a genius go figure that one out.

    1. I ate at the Cajon express and I have all three of those. I hope she hasn’t been to China lately

    2. Should test all the super flu paitents, coronavirus is found to be related to the US super virus, from the same family.

    3. Greytro it’s testing positive in people that never traveled out of the country now, signaling its spreading within cities.

    4. @coolcharm
      Agreed but we only have one million kits in country so we don’t have capability to do that except on the seriously ill and there are strict government restrictions on who can get the test. The federal government is promising some more kits next week or the week after. I think we need to assume community spread in all states and act accordingly to protect our communities locally even without testing. That’s the most effective way to address this and as citizens we can do this ourselves. That lessons our need for a state or federal adequate response. Each community can monitor itself and mask the sick person and self isolate until you’re well or need to be hospitalized. We can accomplish this ourselves and break the chain in each of our communities.

    1. @Root Beer Yeah, I have Google too….What happened to Trump’s REALLY GREAT GREAT PLAN?………………………………………………….. More than 90% of the population has health insurance, and the government has made universal coverage by 2018 a priority. … Since 2009, a new government plan called “the comprehensive insurance plan” provides basic coverage to all Iranians.

    1. Some reporter should speak up to them about their lies on live tv. Then we will see their reaction and respond

    2. Bobby Brown it dose not depend on the skin color the coronavirus can affect anyone… just to break it to you Hope you stay safe!

  8. “We have been preparing for 10 years”. Yet the entire nation has only tested a handful of people for the virus. The CDC is pathetic.

  9. Hey California, don’t tell Trump about the new coronavirus cases. He’ll only call them a hoax.

  10. All the news we are hearing is all bad. Every time I check the news nothing is getting better.

    1. China is going back to work and rates have dropped significantly. In other news, amateur geologists believe they’ve discovered a new mountain range just outside Wuhan, China. Satellite images appear to show ash-colored mountains for miles in an area that was previously barren land.

  11. Romans 14:8
    If we live, we live for the Lord; and if we die, we die for the Lord. So, whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord.

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