More than 100 Canada Post workers test positive for COVID-19 in Mississauga, Ont. 1

More than 100 Canada Post workers test positive for COVID-19 in Mississauga, Ont.


More than 100 employees of a Canada Post facility in Mississauga, Ont. have tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

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    1. My packages always come through from there. However, as soon as I receive them I disinfect the boxes, get rid of whatever outer packaging is inside for the products and then I disinfect the product itself.

    1. Call and complain. U should of done that alone time ago ! It’s actually your fault you haven’t reached out to them. If you can prove it’s been weeks since your order was shipped than Canada Post or the company you bought your stuff from can refund you or re ship that item . Nov-jan is absolutely madness, and unfortunately things get lost. And that’s with any courier service. Trust me I would know.

    2. @D. Almeida Yup you are right, of you don’t it wont move. I had to do that with best buy, told them if the items are not delivered I can go ahead and cancel the order?. They said yup and within 2 days I got my stuff

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