1. To everyone here you are all wrong. It’s a new tik Tok challenges to steal and deface headstones. Same with the school tik Tok challenges, kids are getting arrested and tried as adults for destroying schools, beating up and sexual assaulting their teachers. It’s going on Nationwide. The crazyness of it all is that these kids post their illegal activities on YouTube and tik Tok so not won’t be long before they are caught.

  1. A curse on the vandals. May they feel the affect personally! And blessings to the those repairing the damage!

  2. These vandals are screaming for help. But one of the help is by finding them and putting them in jail…..and getting professional help.

  3. This happened in my town, its disgusting.
    Eventually they caught the loser and named him publicly. They need to do the same here.

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