Most Americans Believe President Donald Trump Committed Impeachable Offense | Morning Joe | MSNBC

New polling from FiveThirtyEight and Ipsos shows that most Americans believe the president committed an impeachable offense and should be removed from office. The panel discusses. Aired on 1/3/20
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Most Americans Believe President Donald Trump Committed Impeachable Offense | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Yes it committed a multitude of impeachable offenses. If we can only use two and they work then that’s good with me.

    1. @Richard L. T.

      I be if you could bottle tRumps flatulence you would and save for future use. How often does it require prayer and adulation from you? You probably give it all you can and got.

    2. @MrDiscostu4u

      Obviously, you enjoy msnbc for you are here. Ha ha ha ha ha ha No one is begging an infection such as yourself to stay and don’t come back on my account.

    3. @Jake I neither care if you want me to stay or leave. Why would I even consider that as a factor? You radical lefties are kind of lost in your thoughts and feelings , huh?

    1. @Janet A do some research on the Clinton Foundation she was supposed to be helping Tahiti let me know how that’s working out LOL

    2. @Janet A here’s a forgotten one look up Whitewater Yes you heard me correctly the clintons were involved Whitewater looked at up LOL

  2. Most beings beyond the amoeba on the evolutionary scale believe he should be impeached and removed, but his cult followers will never come to that realization no matter what he does.

    1. You eat Hillary pizza with children and Trump is really really rich and smart! And Bengahzi! It’s a plan.

    1. 👏👏👏👏😂😂😂😂😂😂
      The True Dat Trinity.

      Death, taxes and Lying Republicans.

  3. Trump’s own National Security Adviser John Bolton knows that Trump committed an impeachable offense. That impeachable offense is the reason why he quit.

    1. John Bolton is not on the trump administration. He was fired. Mainly for pushing for war. Fake news makes fake keyboard jr opinionist.

    2. Webfoot Trucker so why does everyone all of the sudden interested in a war? Because so far no one has made a point valid for war aside from policitical revenge. Now there are fealings left behind from old war wounds like hostages but I’m curious if those hostages would risk more people experiencing being held hostage? Has anyone asked them or do people asume? I’ve been in homegrown hostage sititions which are not pleasant. Would I risk someone else having to do that?

      Are yoi asking me or the group spirit if the matter?

    3. @Sovereign Butterfly the only ones talking about war is the fake news opinionist and their zombified sheep followers.

  4. IMPOTUS IMPEACHMENT DISTRACTION! War focuses USA away from Trump’s Impeachment Trial. Dog wagging it’s TAIL!

    1. @overbanked but the terrorists haven’t been killed they’re still sitting in the Senate/Congress and Oval office

  5. Well anybody with a brain could figure out that by Trump BLOCKING people from testifying and his own refusal to testify says all they need to know .

    1. desglacons. The Trumptwits bury their heads in toxic waste; such as Fox News, lies and Trump tweets.

    2. OzZwald CopperPOT. If you believe that Trump and the GOP have real traditional values and moral virtue, then you’re easily fooled! I know that some of democrats are way too far left and Bernie Sanders believes in Medicare for all; which I know would never work for our nation; who has millions of Americans citizens! I know enough that I cant put my trust in Trump, his administration and the Republican Party. The GOP are only interested in serving themselves, and keeping their political power, not serving and defending the rights of ALL the American people. I certainly don’t believe in abortion being treated like a quick fix solution or performed to far into term for a teen or woman’s pregnancy; however, I’d be dammed if I’d have a bunch of freakin, bigoted, chauvinist men, passing a anti-abortion law; while forcing their right to decide what a woman should do with her reproductive rights!! That is a choice a female bears, because she carries and nurtured that life in her womb. If a woman decides she cannot medically, financially or a lack of family support, then this is her right to make that responsible choice.

    3. @Sharon McCool To neither Honer or acknowledge the most fragile spark of our existence is to extinguish the ember of our dignity! Are we so desperately seeking a Matriarchy in this nation to give women this immense power to end ones existence without so much as a tap on the shoulder to the Sire/Father? This seems to me as wiccan an Ideology as one could possibly conjure! These are little ones and through no fault of there own have no say” so I will say it”” At the very moment of conception rests at its very infancy the essence and realisation for potential and it is this potential that should be beheld with certain unalienable rights and endowed by a creator to grow and manifest at liberty and purpose! This most sovereign and sacred of rights should in no way be infringed but for the immediate peril of the host.

  6. He embezzled from charity while running for office. Of course we think he has done impeachable offenses, trump has admitted to it.

    1. Joy Phillips maybe you can find someone to read this comment section to you so you can have a clue as to whats been said.

    1. First off Ukraine said many times no pressure from Trump. No pressure no extortion. Trump received nothing Ukraine received everything.

    2. Would you tell someone who has the most power in the world and has your life in his/her hands that he/she neglected you or threatened you to others?  An emphatic NO!!!  That was Ukraine; do you need additional examples?

    3. Nick Wade …. Wakey wakey, we had this discussion in October 2019.
      Now we’re dickering about bribery, extortion, usurpation, etc

    4. Mark bodman here’s your argument in a different context.
      Trump gets a shotgun, goes into a bank. Fires a shot and says this is a hold up. The police arrest him as he’s leaving the bank. Now your defense is.
      It doesn’t count because he didn’t get away with the money.
      It doesn’t count because someone in the bank was unaware a robbery was taking place.
      It doesn’t count because he never said the words “this is a bank robbery”.
      It doesn’t count because Joe Biden once went into that bank.

    5. @Noreb : AG BARR must be removed from office by a Democratic AG! Trump would habe been charged if A Career Employee for the Department of Justice had been the Director!

    1. @Mark bodman Political. The underlying reason for American Soldiers going to ” ‘Nam” had to do w/Nixon’s pending Impeachment, that would’ve led to Nixon’s removal from Office > only, Nixon had the self-possession & at least enough intelligence to RESIGN.

    2. @Keri-Lynn Trump is getting re-elected he won’t nor should he resign. Trump campaigns on great economy. Femocrats run on almost impeaching (coup d’etat) of a sitting dully elected President.

  7. People believe in “The tooth fairy”!

    It should read anyone with a functional brain KNOWS he committed impeachable offenses!

    1. @Mark bodman The House has completed its role and impeached Trump. That will never change for eternity. Pelosi will send paperwork to the Senate to determine if Trump stays or leaves office. Rules must be defined first. This is my second impeachment rodeo. Learn about the impeachment process.

    2. I guess you have been covering yourself with Chinese blankets: It is apparent to all governments in Europe as well as intelligent people that the evidence against Trump is indeed OVERWHELMING. The fact that Trump refuses to allow witnesses or to release damaging information should tell anyone with a functioning brain that he is GUILTY AS SIN.

    3. Mark bodman to quote the constitution THE HOUSE HAS SOLE POWER OF IMPEACHMENT. That means Trump is impeached, the senate is there to carry out the sentence.

  8. 53 republicans in the senate have been instructed to say he didn’t. Whether they actually believe it or not.

    1. + Michael Pitts which show that they are willing to go against our beloved U.S. Constitution and dismiss what they all swore to do “Uphold and defend the constitution!”

    1. Sam Choat Obama unfortunately is no longer in office. Now there is that whiner with bone spurs who is as tough as his fat belly.

  9. He’s a treasonous threat to America and Americans. He should be treated as a traitor and how we dealt with traitors in the old days

    1. @Don Williams mass shootings have doubled, Jewish people afraid to go in public, neo nazi’s and kkk walking the streets without their hoods now, massive massive deficits, 15,000 lies and counting, on the brink of nuclear war and the end, right wing fake Christians speaking in tongues and flopping around on the floor like a fish out of water, etc…..

    2. @Don Williams obamas violation was a clerical error you moron and he was fined your masters crime was a deliberate crime to cover up damaging in formation like i said individual 1 loves your ignorance and gullibility

    3. @THE ANGRY QUAD Obama was a scandal free president. Traitor Trump is not the president of the American people, Trump is the Grand Wizard of the Republikkklan party.

  10. Most? Don’t you mean almost all. Even fox news said 50% wanted him impeached. Fox news you know it’s bad when they’re telling the truth.

    1. If you actually believe this crap, then you are part of their mind game….. Impeachable offense? HAHAHA…. we all know you looked away when Obama told the families of the Benghazi attack that it was because of a video and that he was going to look into getting justice for them. BUT HE ALREADY KNEW WHAT HAPPENED…..

    2. @Joy Phillips oh please stfu pal. Nobody cares about your pathetic little blame game. Its sad, and you too lol

  11. The podiatrist, who wrote the Bone Spurs note, confessed on his deathbed that Trump’s father coerced him under threat of eviction.
    Sound familiar?

    1. @Dave Str lol you believed that crap. Probably believe Obamas forged Certification of live birth was real genuine as well?

    2. Ann van de Kew
      Maybe he hadn’t paid his rent for 6 months and Trumps father was up for costs for the building which the rent was supposed to cover.

    3. @Epoh Ecnatsnoc i never said boo about when he was President. Was a non factor to me. I saw how our troops were treated when they came home.

    4. @Epoh Ecnatsnoc but the progressive leftist want people to believe he was the only one that didnt go and thats far from the case.

  12. That heading should be “INTELLIGENT ” people believe bone spur committed an impeachable offense.

  13. Donald Trump’s sons and daughters should be the first to go to WAR in Iran and FIASCO OF IRAQ WAR 2.0… Bet you Trump’s Bone Spurs are hereditary. 🤨

    1. 🙄 General Bone Spurs is looking for a way out the impeachment trial and the evidence building up against him… prat. Must think tge public is as senile as he is.

    1. @Tribegal* I was on an Aircraft Carrier, I volunteered and served proudly in Europe, during the Viet Nam era, I don’t believe in bone spurs!

    2. Trump would throw dynamite, especially at this time, taking out his aggression and revenge that is what he loves to do, and the irresponsible, and cowardly Republican administration is giving him permission to do so. It is more about brown people, Racism, Muslims, Trump is at war with. Trump loves the chaos! No Trump hotels in Iran, Iraq, ect…..

    3. @Joy Phillips* Obama didn’t buy an imaginary handicap to evade answering the call of his country. What does Obama have to do with this? He’s been a civilian for 3 years, Trump is merely stuck in the shadow of a superior president! Deal with it!!!

    1. The fact he acted on impulse without Congressional approval shows that Trump is out of control, a distraction from impeachment and his other crimes.

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