1. Maths is an useless subject that both waste of time and energy, all we need to know is just the numbers of 1-100. Kick maths out ☺️

    1. Maybe we should also do away with Integers, Reals, Complex, etc… as well. Erase 5000 years of human advancement…

    1. @Nosnibor Mailliw so you think a few days every three years is the reason why they are failing. I guess you’ve never stepped foot in a school after you graduated

  2. uhhhh the 2018 results on grade 6 math competency were the same. Education has failed for half a decade – to teach math. “Catch-Up” is smoke, this has been the case since before 2018. … and the teachers fought against standard math competency tests for themselves – no wonder the students are not learning.

  3. Well personally I think if a child is struggling a teacher should take notice before they fail and ask them what they don’t understand or maybe rephrase their teaching methods. Myself in grade three was noticed reading adult literature already so the teacher had me take a bunch of tests and they said my IQ was high and I was a “gifted child” but I was only strong in reading and writing comprehension in grade ten I was doing well in some grade 12 advanced classes already but failed grade 10 general math twice before barely passing the third time and no one cared to tutor me or anything in my weak subject and studying more on my own would not have helped me because I just don’t see numbers and reactions etc. the way I do words.

    1. The new imports just don’t get it. It’s like trying to teach tax loopholes to goats. It is not possible and has been tried for literally decades and decades.

    1. Yes, because they are undisciplined and lazy. They are busy playing video games. For those who don’t know, there are endless free resources online. Strengthen your foundational skills, then move on. Most of that happens between grades 4-8.
      Math hasn’t changed for centuries—except in Ontario.

    1. You too can be Prime Minister without basic math skills. What’s all this talk about STEM. Who needs technology.

  4. maybe if the whining Karen teachers did their jobs and stopped the incessant caterwalling about how bad they have it, the results might have been better.

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