Mother of Beaten 4 Yr Old Speaks | TVJ News - July 22 2021 1

Mother of Beaten 4 Yr Old Speaks | TVJ News – July 22 2021


We have the disturbing details of the moments leading to the death of four-year-old Nashon Brown. The child was severely beaten by his stepfather at the home in Willowdene, St. Catherine. On July 22nd, our reporter sat down with the mother of the deceased child who we will call "Rosie". It's not a real name but, because of the feared backlash she's asked us to conceal her identity.

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  1. This is crazy ..I am in total disbelief and it’s hard not to be angry as a father myself..😔

  2. That insect is a monster…. not a man what can a four year old do for you to treat him that way. It’s so sad and terrifying at the same time. Smh

  3. It is terrible, as horrible as I feel for her, she is guilty of allowing this monster in her child’s life. 😢

    1. Has a mother you shouldn’t have allowed him to beat your child for that period of time n no go get help if u frighten for him both of u is responsible

  4. You have that to live with. Why didn’t you seek medical attention for the child? Even adults don’t want to eat when they are sick. This monstrosity must not go unpunished.

  5. She’s also a victim but at the same time the moment you realize your child is living in fear it should’ve clicked to you that you need to get him away from this person. You gave this man such power over your child because he is providing the basic necessities for your child, that in & of itself is a problem & this is the result. This is heartbreaking.

  6. You failed him!! when there is smoke, fire is brewing and you knew he was abusing the child. Leave !Leave! Women protect your children.

  7. She must have seen what that man was. Careful who you bring into your children’s lives and into your home. Once he was sick take him to hospital. She needs to be locked up too.

    1. That’s what i say too the child was not feeling well for days plus she allowed the boy to beat the child for too hours before do try to do something about it she fail her child

    2. I believe that the man always do it but just got caught,maybe he has been beating the mother too.

    3. She should be jail he, said mommy and u stayed right there and do nothing he would have to kill me too

    4. She herself need life y she didn’t run for help some woman love man more than them children. Lady please shut up

  8. I saw the story before and it’s really sad; now I’m seeing it again I’m in tears. Ladies please don’t put any man before your children. God will be there for you if you only trust Him.

  9. Women, fight for your kids. If it even means to leave those no good psychos out of your life and do it alone. Education is important. It is sad that this lady had to succumb to this crazy man being abusive to her and the child, only because she had nothing and nowhere else to stay. I cried watching this. No child deserve to go through anything like this. Very sad and devastating.

  10. I’m distraught and disappointed at the mother. How could she watch this man hit her child with a stick even once and not grab him and run. The man is not even the child’s father. I’m grieving for the child just imagining how he was depending on his mom to rescue him and she stood there as if in agreement with this monster 👹. Poor sick child 🧒I’m so down my heart is 😢 for him. I wish that I were there to rescue him.

  11. Poverty or the fear being homeless cant let a good mother watch a monster beat her child (baby) for so long. Rosie should also be held accountable for the death of the child

  12. Relationships for convenience is hurting many children. No abusive person can be a father/mother figure of a child. This man that the mother was involved with has more than a anger problem he is a ‘beast’ and a hater.

  13. She’s part of the problem in many reasons she’s not independent so she feel like him have power

  14. As far as I’m concerned she’s responsible for the child’s death. How can a mom stand aside n allow a step bouy 2 brutalize ur child n keep ur mouth shut? She only interven when the child was almost dead. Unno 2 dependent pan these wotlis man dem.

  15. “The [alleged murderer] stepfather was beating her and the now deceased boy before that tragic turn of events.
    The Government, or, TVJ should help bury the child under the circumstances.”

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