Mother Seeking Justice After her Child was Allegedly Raped at a Public Hospital | TVJ News

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  1. Autistic kids in πŸ‡―πŸ‡²πŸ‡―πŸ‡²need to get better protection from these predator in Jamaica a lot of them around…

    1. Not with this things do happen not everyone can be seen at once nurses are human too remember that how would you feel if it was you ?

  2. I’d like very much for justice to be done when he gets his package the judge should multiply the girl’s age by two and then add it to his age

    1. Someone had to buy it from their pockets either she or the doctor or nurse because that pill is not given at hospitals

  3. Yow unu need fi stop cover up this. Justice need fi be served!!! And we need the name a the hospital and the name a di man wah rape the poor child because him on the run and he could do it to somebody else

  4. You mean say this mother who is already broken from what happen to her child had to purchase the pill out of her pocket. MADNESS!! I’m sure him do it b4

  5. What is really happening here? I don’t even want to hear this because my heart is just burning me.Definitely, I know that there are many opportunistic rapists out there, but they don’t show it.They will rape when they it looks like they can get away with it or when they know the victim is mentally unstable.

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