MP Chong questions Mendicino over knowledge of alleged PRC threats | Foreign interference in Canada

MP Michael Chong questions Marco Mendicino over when he was first made aware of a PRC diplomat targeting Canadian politicians in Canada.

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  1. Answer the fricking question, Marco. The fact that you’re not means nothing you say has any credibility whatsoever.

  2. He looks scared to death. He won’t answer your question which you have every right to know the answer.

  3. I’ll tell you what markie won’t. They knew right away. They didn’t care because it was a Conservative being targeted, not a Lieberal

  4. He wants to protect his ministry employees but not the elected MP’S. Horrible government we have.

  5. “When did he know?!” Melissa Lantsman tears a page right out of Poilievre’s play book. It just shows how inept and hollow this government has been since it took power.

  6. My family is attacked and I can’t get answers because of classified info envolving my family. Are you kidding me.

  7. He’s learned well from his boss the Prime Minister. Deflect and never answer a question with a direct answer to the topic being discussed.

  8. Wow what a joke. If a law enforcement agency learned about threats to a member of the public they have a duty to warn that individual and put in measures to prevent and protect that individual regardless of who that person is affiliated with.

  9. If only the Speaker of the House can actually force the MP’s to actually answer questions, less they be held in contempt (or something equivalent).

  10. I think MP Chong has the right to know when his family and himself were targetted.. Can’t they answer the questions ?

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