MP George Wright Questioned by Police About Alleged Assault | TVJ News - April 14 2021 1

MP George Wright Questioned by Police About Alleged Assault | TVJ News – April 14 2021


Member of parliament for Westmoreland Central, George Wright was questioned today by the police in relation to a video in which a man is seen assaulting a woman.

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  1. Released without charge! One rule for some and another for the Government. This guy “dont know him as that person, he’s a business man” So he couldn’t be a Woman beater then? Sit down! Injustice for the women of Jamaica & the women concerned. Corruption rife in the Police force & Government…The guy lied about hitting her, until CCTV was shown he then said “I didn’t know i was being recorded” then denies it’s him as the video is blurred.

  2. Hear the donkey with the bell talking , “he’s a business man and I am one too”. What business you operate? “To beat women ‘

  3. Sometimes I wish the reports wouldn’t give some people the opportunity to be heard by the masses. He knows him as a business man… does that translate to him knowing the man personally?
    If pastors are raping children, why is it hard to believe that an MP/ business has a terrible character?
    We all saw the video, and nothing gives him the right to do that to a woman.
    And all these people set to adjudicate need to be held to some form of accountability. Because if he was not a public figure…. He would be set out on bail rather than just casually going home.
    Sick me.

    1. I agree with you. What does his business entity and ties have to do with his brutality towards women. I am awaiting the JLP hierarchy decision or are they going to let him continue to tarnish the reputation of the party. He is an abuser and should be treated as such h with the full length of the law meted out to him.

  4. This has to do with character not politics.
    Jamaica please rise above politics.
    Is this a representation of Mr Holness and the JLP?
    You all should be ashamed! But then that would be expecting too much .

  5. This is past disgust! What does business have to do with this man’s character and how he treats females? Such ignorance

  6. The leaders must lead by example. Violence against women must stop. This is the chance to send a strong message. He was on video . This nuh have anything to do with politics, sir go home go spread up yah bed.kmt time waster

  7. Women and well thinking men, if they don’t remove this man from office, don’t vote for him in the next elections either by voting for the other candidate or abstaining from voting altogether. This is beyond tragic.

  8. I don’t think it has nothing to do with politics is just unfair for him to do the lady like that

  9. This is why Jamaica will never be better. Pure die hearted supporters who don’t think for themselves. They born into a party and the party can do no wrong.
    How can you not see the man do anything wrong except if you beat woman too. I pray for his daughters and woman if him have any.

  10. Alot of these “Well respected” business men are doing this and worst behind closed door. They have a reputation to maintain, but until wives/ girlfriends of these abusers speak out you’ll never know! Other times you’ll find them dead or they go missing. A day will come when women starts to retaliate as enough is enough!

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