MPs bicker over the rules following interference testimony: “That’s not how this works”

MPs on the PROC committee bickered over points of order following testimony into alleged Chinese election interference.

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  1. I would rather hear kindergarten kids bicker. I cant believe these are grown adults 🤣🤣🤣

    1. Ya… but you’ll have to SUE to get those answers. Once elected, to them YOU become nothing more than an annoyance.

  2. Great way to show integrity by assigning the one Minister involved in the WE Charity scandal as the Chair for this inquiry !!!!! Most transparent government ?!? MORE LIKE MOST CORRUPT !!!!!!

  3. MPs “bickering” seems to be what they do about 95% of the time. I wish they were doing it on THEIR DIME instead of ours.
    Far, far, far too many of them doing far, far, far too little REAL WORK.

  4. As a Canadian i am very much more concerned of fascist infiltration into our governments , all levels. By backing a fascist government in ukraine.

  5. The fact that the PP CPC put Mr. “Goat herder cultures” back in the spotlight speaks volumes about the current state of the CPC

    1. @Eric Laurin I’ve never voted for Trudeau. Whataboutism is so lame and pathetic, just like the CPC

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