Mulcair: Stellantis trying to shakedown Trudeau and Canadian taxpayers

Former NDP leader Tom Mulcair breaks down the upcoming G7 summit and the dispute between the federal government's dispute with Stellantis.

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  1. Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein when she 18, during a ghost story competition while staying in Switzerland with writers Percy Shelley (her lover) and Lord Byron.

  2. Is it possible that Stellantis forgot to contribute to the Trudeau Foundation? Now the king of Harrington Lake is going to play hardball.

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  4. They saw VW get a massive deal, and realize there could be more money on the table. That’s one of the problems with massive government subsidies.

  5. Breach of contract for the terms of the free cash given… Kick em out of Canada .. get our money back and no more free money to private companies… FML our GVT gives out more money than we would ever make from those companies opening up shop here.

  6. Just another brilliant position our government took, by leaving the door open with OUR money. They will give in,as they usually do.
    What an inept government we have playing immature games. Time for a change.

  7. Not a “shakedown”. The economics of battery production were shifted by external market forces. They responded rationally.

  8. Wasnt this already signed contracts as building has started. Give them nothing extra. They want this as we have a secure safe and if they want to be a part of that.

  9. Stellantis will get their money from Trudeau since this is all about vote buying in Ontario. Nothing suspicious about these factories being built now and will be going into production about the time we have another election. If this facility doesn’t get built it will be a huge loss for the Trudeau government so they will eventually cave and increase government funding. Stellantis can pull out at any point and absorb the loss. They have the land and that will only increase in value. They can build something else on the site as well so stopping construction won’t hurt them nearly as much as it will hurt the Trudeau government that needs votes to stay in power.

    1. He does it all the time and we never get to see the crowd, everytime he get on and off that jet,etc., ⚠️ I said it before,he and his snobby wife treat themselves like royalty with our tax dollars, ⚠️💯⚠️

  10. This is the down side of subsidies. Stelantis gets X amount of money, then VW, a competitor, gets a far larger amount of money.

  11. Justin Trudeau had already agreed to what they’re asking for, then he changed his mind. You can’t blame a company for asking for what they were promised.

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