Mulcair: Support for Trudeau’s Liberals is falling. Here’s why

A new poll shows the Conservatives with an eight-point lead over the federal Liberals. Tom Mulcair weighs in on why that’s happening.

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    1. @Barry Nash There was no coalition agreement. The NDP support is based on how well they think the Liberals perform over the next 2 years. There could be an election before 2025. WAKE UP!

    2. @Dylan C say what you believe but there is a coalition whether you like to admit it or not. Anyone, anyone who votes the late NDP party is voting liberal so late you pretend party to rest

  1. Wow, now that’s how to trash talk a guy while supporting him at the same time. He said trudeau is loved around the world when he travels haha. The world may hate him more than canadians do

    1. @Dylan C No I don’t think Canadians love Trudeau at all but if you actually think the rest of the world likes him you’re not looking in the right places. FJT.

    2. @Rick_ d My point is that Canadians dislike him more, but whoever replied to me was too stupid to read between the lines.

    3. @Dylan C well maybe hate is a strong word. The world more sees him as an inexperienced child playing politics more than anything else. He’s most definitely not respected

  2. Insightful and well articulated response. Incompetency, complacency and corruption permeate all levels of government in Canada starting at the top.

  3. Does a great job for his U.N.buddies but he doesn’t do squat for Canadians, especially Westerners.

  4. every time Trudeau’s lips move he does Canada and Canadians a dis-service…. he has to go before he does any more damage….

  5. Mulcair gives Trudeau way too much credit. He is not an incredible politician, full stop. I could do what he does if I had no morals or integrity.

  6. What is Mulccair smoking? Justin does well on the world stage? Remember India? Remember XI scolding him? Great speeches? Remember “water bottle boxes thingies.”…..

  7. seriously MulcIair, they like him internationally???? They think he is a buffoon. They ridicule him and rightfully so.

  8. Ah yes, putting a government in power that makes the trains run on time has worked out so well the world over.

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