1. I had a pellet gun for target practice when I was 12. Me and my friends had hours of fun shooting cans off our fence. Now under Trudeau I would be arrested and jailed.

    1. You didn’t mention if you took your pellet gun to school after a massacre or not….I bet you didn’t and that’s why you wouldn’t be arrested and jailed by the government.

    1. I see. I thought u may be referring to the school shooting in texas. Didnt see the connection. That is y I asked.

  2. You’re literally allowed to have a pellet or bb gun on you in Canada. Nice waste of tax dollars. Great to know cops don’t know the law.

  3. I don’t think a pellet or BB gun within the legal FPS range could cause a fatal injury

  4. After 2 years of lockdown, Canadians are treated to some entertainment ,Jerry Springer style.

  5. I love how they’re all over investigations like this, throwing out pictures and video, meanwhile in Nova Scotia…

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