Murdaugh’s brother details what he saw cleaning up the murder scene

Alex Murdaugh's defense in his double murder trial rested its case after calling up 14 witnesses over about two weeks of testimony, crime scene experts and the defendant's brother John Marvin Murdaugh. CNN's Dianne Gallagher reports. #CNN #News


  1. His continued lies about being at the murder scene will be his undoing. His alibi always seemed so contrived. And calling on Pau Pau makes me ill. He is over compensating big time.

    1. This is just my theory.

      He found his son banging his wife and felt immensely angered and let down . Think about his wife was on her knees hence her hair and skull on the back of her legs .his son being shot in the back of the head. To not feel shame about it so the world doesn’t know he’s covering it up. I bet his brother knows also ut doesn’t want their family to look bad. Mormons ate known for thsat.

    1. what happened here is the rule, not the exception. the property owner is always left to cleanup after an investigation, missed evidence be damned.

    2. It must take a real cold heart to literally lie about a clearly distraught and traumatized witness who’s clearly testified about how due to the sheer incompetence & disregard of SLED and investigators, who finished their investigation and released the crime scene to the family, leaving behind evidence including fragments of Paul’s skull, etc., for the family to have to discover and clean up. Not only is this highly unusual, it’s inherently disconcerting on a pure human level. It makes one question the competence of the investigation, and really makes you feel for the guy—for anyone to have to clean up their nephews skull fragments off the ground after he’d been brutally murdered is not something anyone should ever have to experience.
      How you get “tampering with evidence” from that is bewildering.

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    1. Not 100% sure…maybe life insurance? Was any property in Paul’s name? Paul had some significant info on his father such as pushing the housekeeper down the steps?

    2. Because he was getting in the way and starting to tarnish the family name, man I could type all day I’ve been following this case for year’s, dude is guilty asf, he’s going to jail… 💯

    3. ​@Daphne Lattimer There was no life insurance on Paul and Maggie. Also, he was not even there when Gloria had her accident.

  3. Interestingly ,, I think he might be found ” Not Guilty”. I’m a retired county sheriff,. Sadly handled a few strange murder cases in my 25 yrs. Jurors can surprise you.

  4. He’s guilty af but I’m afraid that the investigation back then was so bad, that there’s not enough evidence to convince every single person in the jury. Someone will fall for his lies and acting.

  5. You can hire professionals to clean the scene.. why would anyone want to clean up a murder scene of their family member? Not traumatized enough?

  6. I’m happy to see Erin is back on working! Wouldn’t be the same without her. I love her so much! 😍🥰❤️🫶

  7. Paul shot first (probably revenge for Patty), then Alec ran to the scene and shot the second after hearing the first shot

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