1. @Fat Freddy’s Cat Those tapes don’t call people suckers and losers! Did you hear about them and decide to make something up? They’re about covid kid.

    2. @Shark Theory07 him saying that, had NOTHING to do with the Capitol! IDIOT! He never said covid was the hoax! He said Democrats politicizing it was the hoax! And you prove him right every time you do that! All you’ve done, is spout debunked rhetoric. As for the 5, he said bring back the death penalty. When everyone thought they were guilty. You’ve done nothing but listen to MSM, spin words, and spew debunked rhetoric. You’re the embarrassment to the nation. And this potato that’s president now.

    3. Media didn’t win any awards at International Journalism Award…..i laughed at biased CNN & MSNBC…their BS got rejected.

    4. “And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand.” (Mark 3:25) And tomorrow they’ll tell you to stand against something else. Get away from it, watch a short video or two by clicking on that red icon to the left there, leave a comment, if you want to.

  1. “There is not even a pile of bullshit here. There is a pile of nothing.” Hilarious.

    “The masses have never thirsted after truth. They turn aside from evidence that is not to their taste, preferring to deify error, if error seduce them. Whoever can supply them with illusions is easily their master; whoever attempts to destroy their illusions is always their victim.” — Gustav Le Bon

    1. @Mugiwara2k Good Sell, not so sure….
      and you think that gives one party(democrats) the right to try and topple the Constitution, using the constitution in defense of those actions?
      Attempts to FEDERALIZE Voting laws is literally UN-Constitutional.
      I only have one question.
      *If nothing was irregular – Why are Election Controllers so determined to NOT allow anyone to Audit the System?
      It seems more like people want to hide things and make people just go away….
      Transparency My F*kingASS.
      *** Several Thousand Duplicate Ballots in Maricopa alone – in the Counts and Recounts.
      Un-Tethered = NOT Linked to the Original Serialized Ballot.
      But yea, noting to see here. Fine then open the doors and lets have a look – just to be sure.
      I don’t give a Damn if Trump Passes tomorrow!
      I do give a Damn if we cannot even verify anything in an Election. The Threat completely removes Trust in that system.
      Future elections MUST be Secure and operated in affordance with Election procedures by Properly Trained Personnel – From Beginning to End.
      2020 was a total ClusterF*k

    2. @Joseph Jucker If the answer is so easy – why are so many against Transparency?
      The 2020 Election was a clusterf*k from beginning to End. and it can never be allowed again – I do not give a damn how many people vote, if the system is Ripe with Careless handling, mismanagement and outright hostility, it is Broken and needs to be Fixed.
      * besides, unlike the Fools looking for Extravagant outside corruption, I know how the massive(legal) votes happened. It was actually quite simple and almost impossible to prove if not caught in real time.
      *Access to Voter Rolls by Sources is as dangerous as Hacking. Every available – Legal – Voters Name Available for harvesting.
      One day I may right a Book explaining 2020. Perhaps after the next election cycle.
      Note: no fraud involved, No illegal migrant Votes, No Machine manipulation of Totals.
      Just Smart, swift access and execution of of available Legal Voter Data harvesting.

    3. @emma maybe you should read the bill first! Before spouting your rhetoric. How many pages in this bill? Exactly. Stop listening to mainstream media. Mafia.

    4. @Rich Brown lol “mafia”? “Rhetoric”?! Jesus honey, you gotta keep up better than that. Democrats and republicans have been haggling about pay-fors for the infrastructure bill since April, this has been widely reported on by all sides. Democrats wanted to raise the corporate tax rate (by something like 2%, so still lower than historic averages) but republicans said that was a non starter. They preferred pay-fors covered by actual users — thus the gas tax. This is not some elusive secretive negotiation lol, it’s been done out in the open for months. Republicans are just counting on their constituents not actually paying attention to the details, so that later on they can screech about rising gas costs and tax hikes on the middle class. Sadly, you prove their cynicism is well founded…

  2. Dude said “forget about the evidence”
    “I’m not a computer guy and don’t know anything, but this was hacked”
    “Stop fact checking !!!”
    (Repuliicans cheer)

    1. @dont be dumb your orange king is named in a law suit with Ebstein. Those sick pigs are buddies. Get it right zombie..

    2. @TC Destiny is that when you float the idea of injecting disinfectant as a possible treatment for covid 19?

  3. They literally said “they need to STOP fact checking and START reporting this!” Yes, let’s just report bs without fact checking. Seems legit. Legit af.

    1. @LoboKhan1 Are you actually going to pretend that gremlins aren’t real? There’s a documentary about it…

    2. @Matt Tanner
      Do you work as Don the Con’s personal salad chef?
      Do you take a salary, or or just gleefully volunteer your services?

  4. “CNN needs to stop fact checking this and report it!”

    yeah of course cause fact checking it and proving it’s lies makes it hard for them to convince the non cultists lol.

    1. Fact check “High school kids attack elderly Native American man” That one cost CNN millions from the Lawsuit

    2. And the guy is too dumb to realize that fact checking is at the HEART of reporting something. One needs to get the facts first, then REPORT on those facts. Just when you thought that MAGA IQs couldn’t drop any lower…surprise!!!!!!!

  5. “But the CNNs of the world, you guys need to start reporting on this and stop fact-checking it!”

    I don’t think he knows what reporters and journalists generally/historical are supposed to do.

    1. A REAL news agency/reporter will get in trouble if their information is not fact checked and found to be reliable evidence.

  6. ‘Stop fact checking’.
    So how does one confirm the validity of something without fact checking it?
    Doesn’t even make logical sense … not that it was supposed to.

  7. “No! Why—just forget about the evidence!”

    Well Mike, I thought that’s why we were here—for the evidence… 😂😂

  8. “Stop fact checking and start reporting!”
    Fact checking is what makes it “reporting” instead of “gossiping”.

    1. @Born Again – But you can’t tell that to the Trump cult members. They don’t believe in facts. Alternative facts matters with Trump and company.

    1. Except he sad: You got to START reporting this and STOP fact checking it.

      Like in, they should ‘report’ exactly as he says, instead of reporting the truth which is he’s a full on lunatic which can’t back up anything he is shouting on about just to get into good favor of his demigod that orange ape, and they should stop fact checking the lies and misinformation.

      I mean, that’s even a step beyond what you made it out to be 😉

    2. @Marvin Westmaas Yep, I fucked up the quote. My bad. Thanks for being smart enough to see what I meant. Then again, this IS a smart people page. I don’t understand how they fall for this bullshit.

  9. “CNNs of the world. You need to start reporting this stuff and STOP FACT CHECKING IT!!” ( Cult applauds) 🤣

    1. @maria schultz “Evidence was presented and the media ignores it..”
      Posting the voter rolls of a county (which are publicly available) on a big screen is not evidence of voter fraud.
      It is however a type of fraud, perpetrated on those gullible enough to believe it.
      Look, I am honestly sorry that you are so gullible.
      But, well…. there we are.

    2. @jdnb86 …Lol….stop asking for evidence, and stop asking for specifics, and stop fact checking, and stop asking tough questions, and stop looking into things for yourself, stop resisting the conservative herd mentality, and stop using common sense, etc, else republicans are going to continue to wither away till none are left.

    3. @Jame Exxem – your fake news CNN are wasting time on nonsense. There are real problems at the border and the Biden humiliation in Afghanistan to report on but CNN is following the pillow guy around. What a shame.

    4. Media didn’t win any awards at International Journalism Award…..i laughed at biased CNN & MSNBC…their BS got rejected.

    5. @Omotayo Satuyi – Ted doesn’t care about democracy? That is a stupid comment. Do you think God only gave you leftists right to pervasice democracy by running away from your state because you don’t like the outcome of democracy.

  10. There is an old saying, “If you can’t dazzle them with your brilliance, baffle them with bullsh!t.”

    You could call this “symposium” a joke if what Lindell is trying to do wasn’t so dangerous.

    The only good thing is that more people now see that he has nothing.

    1. There’s only two categories now – those that are against the USA and those that are going to fight to restore it and remove the corruption.

  11. Here’s a question. Have the servers used in the election received an update or are they using old firmware?

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