1. Those legs are way to skinny for a furry suit, but I’ll give you that it could just be a stuffed animal or something that’s a joke or prank. There are things that we can’t explain too, but there are already better pics of those things if you know where to look.

    2. I’m surprised that nobody didn’t say anything about the horror movie about the furrys which the movie was about five teenagers was going camping on the woods and shot a furry thinking it was a actual animal then a furry wolf man and his furry friends wanted revenge,so they go after the five teenagers to kill them.

  1. Wish I hadn’t watched this one. It’s almost 1:00 am here in Texas. I may never again sleep at night.

  2. Who hasn’t taken bath salts and walked around in the woods wearing a wolf’s head? These things happen.

    1. @Jamtommy you can’t even take a break and just laugh. You still seething about your daddy’s loss.

    2. I was gonna say… I don’t remember much, but I’m pretty sure it was my mother-in-law’s head?..

  3. Thats a guy pranking ‘authorities’ 😄

    That person has knees forward – its not any kind of canine doing something that looks weird on camera. It’s a human in a costume, laughing right about now.

    1. 💯 Definitely it’s a person in a costume. The knees explain everything. Something fishy is going on there.

  4. Thats me. In my cosplay predator outfit right after the convention. I was completely drunk and was looking for a quiet place. I did not know it was a Zoo at the time. I was wondering where all the animals came from.

  5. I forgot about this movie DOG SOLDIERS, I`ve seen it in the cinema when I was 15. Good times. Have to watch it somewhere.

    1. I watched it for the first time in years last summer, I forgot how terribly shot it was. It had a cool premise, but needed some better direction and funds.

    2. It was an awesome movie for it’s time. Since Hollywood can’t seem to come up with anything original anymore and just do remakes, why not do a remake of Dog Soldiers?

  6. Holy crap, it’s loup garue, I learned about him years ago on an episode of Johnny Quest 🤣🤣🤣

    1. There are enough stories of them, specifically from law enforcement, that they have to exist. Black Dogs are something many law enforcement have a story or two about, even if it’s just passed on from other officers.

  7. So let me get this straight. In todays day and age. you have a motion capture camera that takes one still frame after being triggered? What? There’s no other shots? Oh boy. It’s always the case isn’t it?

  8. That’s my pet louie! I lost him like two years ago!!! Come home sweety, glad to see he’s been ok 😢🥺

  9. When I was in college, I opened for a grocery store. Just me for 2 hours. Every morning, this dude would come in wearing a different part of a fur suit he was building. I just acted like it was normal and carried on with conversations with the guy. Clearly made his mornings. I kinda miss the weirdo

    1. In my teens, I knew twin brothers in their 20’s that for Halloween would dress up in identical somewhat ragged turn of the century suits, top hat and walking stick. They would put some coal around the eyes and make their complexion seem pale, it was subtle as to not over do it and seem more realistic. There was a huge cemetery, about 5 blocks per side. Around 1am one of them would be near one of the corners slowly walking, and when a car would pass by, he would just turn his head and give you an evil stare, and as you drove by the next corner, the other brother who would be walking the same direction would do the same. Many of the cars would speed up as they saw the 2nd exact “apparition” 5 blocks later.

  10. That’s just me, guys. I normally walk in the middle of the night and howl because I want to show off my hairy body.

    I’m sorry for causing a national disturbance.

  11. i love how one image can just left the entire world guessing , and guessing; We are not alone in this world !!! definitely other things live with us here in our world, but what is that???

  12. Has anyone suggested a “skin walker”, that is, a human who has shapeshifted into a human wolf-like creature? History Channel is in the third season of “Shapeshifter Ranch”, about a ranch in N.E. Utah, where supernatural and UAP phenomena have been occurring for decades.

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