N.C. Lawmakers Considering Bill To Require Release Of Police Bodycam Footage After 48 Hours 1

N.C. Lawmakers Considering Bill To Require Release Of Police Bodycam Footage After 48 Hours


A North Carolina judge has denied requests to release police body camera footage in the police involved death of Andrew Brown, Jr. despite calls from the governor and local elected officials to make the footage public. North Carolina has one of the most restrictive laws in the country when it comes to releasing police body camera footage – and the state general assembly is trying to change that.
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  1. All body came footage in any place in the county should be available to the public in 48 hours should be a federal law that would be very helpful in transparency of public servants after all there suppose to be serving the public ?

    1. Agreed except to prevent any editing & redactions have the videos immediately go to the cloud for all to see

    2. I agree but it should be 12 hours not 2 full days. A lot can happen in 48 hours especially with these rioting thugs and extremist.

    3. @I’ll Report Back In a bit. Right, we know Republicans would fight this to the very end if enforced. They are still fighting against the metal detectors at the Capitol.

    4. @Jeremy Backup Good to see you my 50 cent troll friend!! When you respond I know I said the correct thing, thanks for the affirmation of my views.

    1. It needs to be a federal law and within 12 hours not 2 days.

      It’s appalling that we allow officers to hide video footage that could help stop public outrage and rioting.

    1. Yeah, but they are not gonna like it if the video is released. I watched the entire court hearing, and under oath the video was described, and they said the video clearly showed Brown backed up and hit one officer, then went forward and hit another. That is not a man trying to innocently flee. The judge even seen the video, so he would have called them out for lying if they were lying about the details on the video, so it is pretty clear it was a justifiable shooting. Lying under oath is a serious crime, so to go into a courtroom and lie about the details of a video would be very foolish. Should they release it, yes, but will it change anything, NO. The race baiters will still say he should not have been shot. No doubt in my mind had he just put his hands up and got out of the car he would be alive. People need to start taking responsibility for their own actions, and start listening to police officers instead of being disrespectful and resisting. If you have done nothing wrong you should have no reason to resist.

    1. @DeeJayTee73 how many trials in this country’s history have been unfair due to biass, racism, or other mitigating factors? Quite a few. Bodycam footage should be public domain. Not all judges are “just” when deciding what eveidence they allow the jury to see.

    2. @Donald Thorpe are you the judge or on the jury??? You are missing my point. The public SHOULD see it…AFTER the trial. There is nothing good that the public can do by viewing the video. Only bad can come of it, but if that is your narrative, it is your opinion and I respectfully disagree with you.

    3. @DeeJayTee73 Given the complete lack of credibility of both the police and the BLM types the only way the public gets anything close to the truth is if all available footage is promptly released. If the police are misleading we get worst riots later once the footage is released. If others are lying and the footage is not released we have needless unrest. The only people who could possibly benefit from not releasing the footage would be someone who want to put their thumb on the scales of justice and not have it known until after the fact. No good can come of not releasing the footage and the judge who failed to release it has a background that indicate he is insanely bias in stacking the deck to protect criminals that happen to wear blue.

    CMON MAN…. CORRUPT JUDGE!!! Lol, I really think I m gonna lay off the caffeine

  3. that judge need to have a background check. Who know he might be one of those judge who rules in favor of police 100% of the time.

  4. They should use the videos containing the unfortunate or controversial police pursuits in police training to help trainees with untypical situations.

  5. Another way to look at it is that, the police and the equipment used to make these body camera videos are all funded by the public, the public owns the prioduct

    1. And not only from a financial point of view but also for transparency for society and ethical responsibility.

  6. Since these North Carolina Cops are hellbent on hiding evidence then any law that promotes full transparency is for the public good.

  7. Good idea, Judge, to space out these police murders. Was getting a little too tight there with the other ones in Minnesota and California. Gonna want to space them out a bit before the next ones come out. Don’t want America to get too upset all at once.

  8. All body cam footage should go straight to the cloud and the first people to review it should be a citizens review board and then released to the public. No sheriff or PD should have any authority over this footage.

  9. What’s the big hold up? Why not require car & body cam footage be released within 12 hours. I mean, c’mon boomers, move it.

  10. This change in the current North Carolina law sounds like a reasonable change that would improve transparency.

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