1. The commission is “supposed” to be beyond the reach of political influence.
    Who would have thought you could get a laugh when discussing such a serious and horrendous issue.

  2. What in the hell did he expect???? Him and his cronies accepted the report on the Onslow target shooting incident. You will need an inquiry into the inquiry, and it will to late then.

  3. Gabe Wortman is precisely WHY “cops” have to IDENTIFY themselves. Name. Badge. Business card.
    Otherwise, they are NOT cops.

  4. For one thing the RCMP were announcing what was going on using Twitter of all things, we have an emergency system set up for cell phones, using that might have saved some lives. Bottom lines the RCMP dropped the ball

    1. as they always do. they let justin bourque run around moncton new brunswick for well over 48 hrs if he wasnt only targeting police then the body count would have been much greater

    1. @WithWingsLike TheNumber9 it baffles me that this situation hasn’t sparked a little more critical thinking. Conspiracy is the new normal

    1. it is ended it never started for me as the PM is not voted in so I don’t listen to a word that thing has to say

  5. I bet the fact that the RCMP gave Wortman over 400k, an RCMP cruiser, uniform and badge to do this task will never be brought up.

    1. @Jason Spencer Look at the RCMP’s track record. They appear to be the instrumental party in almost all acts like this in Canada, from bombing pipelines to coercing recovering drug addicts to commit such acts.

  6. Detsl assistant ain’t replicating a car thst is designed not to be replicated to go on a suicide mission. Ridiculous

  7. Dirty politics never get to the bottom line. Please vote for these puppets if you want lip service with no representation.

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