NAACP President: ‘Trump Has Accelerated The Problem’ | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC

NAACP President: ‘Trump Has Accelerated The Problem’ | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC 1


  1. We are living in crazy times when you have so called Christians following a false idol like Mr. Trump.

    1. Richard Owens I admire your faith. To look at this beautiful world and just the complexity of the human brain, and believe it just happened “by chance”….Wow! That’s faith!

    2. I vividly remember on election night Democrats crying, wailing, tears running, in dispare because a Hillary had lost. Their idol worship exposed and in smithereens. Instantly that night they turned into demon pocessed sociopaths who we still see foaming from the mouth.

    3. @Rudolf We await November with keen anticipation . History also records the right losing it’s collective mind when a Black Man became president .

    4. David Jimenez, you are entitled to your opinion but don’t label Christianity as being apart of trump. True Christians would not be following him, true Christians know that the God we serve, is a God of LOVE, a God of PEACE, He is NOT a God of CONFUSION, He is a God of justice and one day He is coming to judge righteously, trump and anyone who follows him or agree with what he is doing, are not apart of God or Christianity. There are false idols, false gods, and false people and much lies but you will not label Christians as being apart of any of trump’s foolishness. Many can say “Lord Lord” doesn’t mean they know Him, do you think any Christian would have attacked innocent people so they could walk over to a church to pose and hold up a Bible? If you have to hold up a bible to prove you are a Christian, nine times out of ten, you are not one. You will know a true Christian by the fruit they bear, what do you see on trump’s apple tree or those that are following him? By the way, I am a Christian, God bless, stay safe and if there is to be unity in this country there must be justice for ALL!

  2. Absolutely right that blacks and other minorities have suffered in the “land of the free”, indeed in every developed nation in the world. Perhaps Trump’s only accomplishment in office has been to be the symbol of this oppression and through his utter vainglorious incompetence has brought it to a head. Do not ever forget that it is the GOP who have made this “Better America” possible … McConnell, Graham, McCarthy, Cheney, Walker, Jordan, Nunes, Roberts, Shelby, Murkowski, Grassley, Blunt, Rubio, Collins and the rest of the foul gang who have made all this possible.

    1. @LNB Art Studio – Yeah, ALL Democrat run cities… humm! Who’s living in an Alt Reality… that would be you (just to state the obvious)! You’re the problem for the Black community, you Liberal POS!

    2. @Jack Black Hit a nerve? Our White society has ruined our way of life from the inside out. And you are the problem along with your RASICT counterparts. How long do you think GOOD WHITE AMERICA will stand for this? All of us are speaking, pick your side and show yourself.

    3. @Another Agent Honey, you don’t even know what the verb “utters” means, and you are trying to belittle someone else’s educational accomplishments? Judicial Watch is on the attack digging up dirt because they are being well paid to do so, and they refuse to dig up dirt on anyone but democrats, as that is the business they are in. They add their own colorful spin in “articles” and ignorant internet “sleuths” with little clue of their own ignorance think they are off on some “A-ha!” moment in some of the craziest theories I have ever seen.

    4. @Randy Couch Families can only receive TANF for 24 consecutive months, with a lifetime maximum of 48 months. Been that way for years. SSDIs like yourself are the only ones receiving a lifetime of bennies, and you probably don’t know it, but you receive three times what a single mother with one child receives for her TANF per month, and you don’t even have any dependent children.

    5. @LNB Art Studio Jack isn’t in an alternate universe, but he is a victim of having been told a grossly oversimplified tale that leaves out significant details, and since the antiChrist is out their doing his thing, he’s among the deceived as well.

    1. They are working hard for us while trump and GOP are hiddiing from the peole that elected them. We will vote your buffoons out

    2. Hiding! it’s what they do..they will face re election remember who spoke out and those that hid.

    3. Bahaa Aqquad, that is what I want to know? Why are they sitting by and allowing this? My stomach cannot take to much more of trump.

    1. Putin??!!?? Are you still spouting that ridiculous propaganda? What a moron! I can’t stop laughing! 🤣

    2. God I loved it when Old Man Mueller self-destructed on live TV and put the rUsSiAc0LLusIoN hoax in the grave.

    3. Here is another fool who still believes in that Russia Collusion b.s. Today Rosenstein confirmed that had he known then all the underlying b.s. that formed the basis of it, he would not have even have apppointed Robert Mueller. It was all a hoax. Apparently you were never told by your media that it was an orchestrated attempt to get rid of a legitimately chosen president, because they couldnt stand losing an election. Democrats are not democratic, haven’t you still not figured that out yet?

  3. Well MLK told us if we don’t learn to live side by side with with each other we’ll perish as fools. Let’s NOT be fools.

    1. Unfortunately MLK tried to be peaceful and died violently so his philosophy of non violence didnt work for him.

      This generation has rejected those old 1960s Church Civil Rights approach. In fact it was rejected by the late 60s.

      While nobody agrees with violence and hoodlum-ism
      Nobody believes that a victim of violence should respond with non violence. MLK later himself began to rethink his methods.

    2. @Norris Cool
      And yet ppl “STILL” march in protest of whatever…”PEACEFULLY”. So your statement IS moot! It NEVER was about King but about the purpose and desire for equitable opportunity. No movement is ever about it’s leaders.

    1. Mister Sinister trying to blend in to loot and cause destruction. Trumpsters pretending to be protesters. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    2. @Abe Lincoln just so I understand, Trump and his supporters are the ones burning cities and causing all the grief in BLK communitys? I’m guessing they defaced your monument as well?

    3. @Abe Lincoln Presidents are directed to bunker. Bunkerboy would be Biden I believe. BTW Abe Lincoln was a great president, wasn’t he? And a Republican.

  4. In case anyone sees this, there could be some charges against some or all three of the cops that didn’t try to help Floyd. CNN

    1. Mr Floyd laying on his chest with weight on top of him his lungs couldn’t expand to take in air. The other cops are just as guilty as the one with the knee to his. They should’ve all been arrested to start with . ✌️

    2. Well at very least get the other 2 that helped hold him down and one that just watched should be charged with some thing too

  5. Go home and educate yourselves and fight with brains and words , not looting and torching . God bless America 🙏❤️

    1. I’m in favor of peaceable protest, but if the Proud Boys want to come with their hammers and break storefront windows, dammit arrest _them_ not the peaceful protestors. They let them get away because they are working for the RNC and Billy Barr won’t prosecute them. _HE SHOULD._

  6. Yes. trump has been the one lighting the fuse for 3 years and now he adds more bombs and gasoline to the stack.

    1. The problem here is the democrats over reliance on the black vote which prevents them from holding those responsible for the death and destruction to account. They even had senator Rice on to tell the world that riots are the work of the Russians lol

    2. Surely the black communities problems will disappear once Biden is President. LOL

    3. Senator Rice? Oh dear God the stupidity of people who pretend to know what they are talking about.

  7. He accelerates EVERY problem!
    I’m scared for the next 5 months – whatever bad thing happens next- he’ll manage to make 5 times more destructive.

    1. Accelerates EVERY problem? Sort of like when Obama blamed the police when officers were assassinated by a black man in Dallas during a protest? Are you people really THAT stupid?

    2. @Randy Couch There is absolutely no chance that your side will prevail. Notice how there aren’t any MAGA caps at any of those protests..? It’s because all of you are weak, disgusting little cowards. You know that if you put those caps on, you’ll be surrounded and beaten to death. So just keep hiding under your beds, MAGAtards.

    3. @Tessmage Tessera “beaten to death” because of a hat? That’s the true racism right there. Thanks for the evidence in plain letters. You are what is wrong with our country. Just because you don’t agree with an ideology doesn’t mean you can incite violence to others!!!
      You’re a RACIST!!!
      If and when the time comes, I suggest you dont worry about the Trump-tards.
      Civil war is not the answer, but if it is called to order, there wont be cowards that answer.

    1. @Another Agent It’s both sides! This country didn’t get this way, by one party or the other.

    2. @Lexi Cat True to an extent, but it should be glaringly obvious why the GOP have been scared sh!tless to take on the deep state Democrat establishment.
      Weaponization of the FBI, DOJ, IRS, etc. in combination with an entire cabal of media serving as their personal propaganda outlet is not something to be taken lightly.
      As we can all see, the efforts by the Deep State to maintain their previously unopposed power and influence is daunting, nothing short of what we saw Fascist and Communist regimes carry out.
      Regardless, the Marxist subversion and Corporate Socialism is what needs to be vehemently opposed by all Americans regardless of political labels.
      This level of corruption and lawlessness transcends minor social differences.

    3. @Randy Couch Don’t do welfare, I’m out of work along with, what are we at now? 40 million give or take. Lots of unemployed people out there. Now I’m wondering how badly the virus is spreading, will I get to go back? All of these people on the streets go back to homes and families. I do mean all. media included, but I’m sick of their spin too.

    1. Ian seriously you guys need to stop making fun of that man child only God knows what his going to do when he is made fun of

    2. Send him to “inspect” the meat packing plants. He can be the “canary in the coal mine” to see if they’re really safe.

  8. The NAACP 1920 campaign that this gentleman is speaking about came out of “The Red Summer of 1919”. If you would like more information please watch The History Guy’s YouTube mini-doc about 12 minutes long about The Red Summer of 1919. Much love 🇺🇸 💕.

    1. Bling 22 ha ha. You have the right to your opinion but I prefer facts. Before covid, we had the strongest economy in decades, which included the lowest black & latino unemployment ever. Highest % of black business start ups in history. He actually attempted to enforce our southern border. He actually met with N. Korea leaders. Defended our allies in the Middle East. I could keep going, but I’ll end with the finest looking 1st lady in history.

    2. Bling 22 oh and you say the majority of the country, you must live in a liberal city bubble. Get out sometimes & talk to a conservative. We don’t bite.

    3. @C. S. Here’s a fact; the stock market is not the economy; it’s a playground for the 1%. A tiny fraction of America.

    4. zemorph42 you just confirmed that you don’t know how it works & that you’re one of those “1%ers are evil” people. You also just confirmed that you’re going to rely on the gvnt when you retire, you might be relying on them now.

    5. @Sean Reynolds There is only one way that could happen, and that is if Biden selected him as his running mate, and then died in office. But I don’t really think that Biden will select him, and I also don’t think he wishes to be president again. It would be funny, though, just to see a few heads self-explode.

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