Nadler Accuses Barr Of Aiding The ‘Worst Failings’ Of President Trump | MSNBC

Rep. Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., claimed that Attorney General William Barr played a role in President Trump's "worst failings" in his opening statement at a House Judiciary Committee hearing on oversight of the Justice Department. Aired on 07/28/2020.
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Nadler Accuses Barr Of Aiding The 'Worst Failings' Of President Trump | MSNBC


    1. Barr is depressed, knowing his slave days are almost over. He is the Trumps perfect puppet, making him do illegal things.

    2. As Dems cities burn while the mayor s and governors let them. 1.4 billion in damages at least. Yeah I can see who is obeying the law

    1. It’s funny how people never substantiate why Barr is bad, and their only citations are opinion pieces disguised as news articles. They’re just quoting each other.

    1. Hey Alexander you are so full of crap shows really how brainwashed you really are, we all know the clintons had him killed

    2. @Todd Smith “exedra”? You meant Excedrin, because your stupidity is giving me a headache.

  1. TRUMP HIMSELF needs brought in & questioned EXACTLY like this, where he cannot interupt but only answer questions, that shouldve been done during impeachment

    1. @Sam Gunter Don’t assume everybody to be as clueless as yourself. If you think Barr deserves that title, you don’t know what ‘honor” means.
      Let me tell you: “The quality of knowing and doing what is morally right”

    2. @Robert cause if he had honor he would be doing what’s right and not lying to cover up trump’s mistakes and trying to make trump look good all trump is a conman that lies to get what he wants

    1. They didnt let him answer any questions. They asked loaded questions and didnt give him a chance to answer.

    2. @sherpaderp dingo
      Barr read his statement and had no plans to be held accountable for anything he’s said or done. You didn’t miss anything.

    3. @sherpaderp dingo I watched the whole session and they let him respond when he was asked a question……. They wouldn’t let him talk over them when they were telling him the real reality and not the one the orange colored despot wants y’all to believe!!!!!!!!!

  2. Can anyone else hear Jeff Sessions howling hysterically while eating fried catfish in his Lazy Boy????

    1. Dunno why, Sessions is still just as madly in love with Trump as before. If anything, he’s crying for not being as big a POS as Barr is.

    2. Sessions the Keebler Elf wanted to be 45’s favorite forever, but like so many others the evil little racist gnome got thrown under the big ‘ol orange bus lol!

  3. Best way to bring out the truth is cancel pardons given to cover up criminal or treasonous acts.

    1. Barr knows what he is doing and he knows it is wrong. He’s a seasoned professional in the Justice Department. He knows right from wrong, yet he chooses to follow Donald Trump down the wrong path. Why?

    2. @Kaptain Kid Why you ask????? You do know how Authoritarianism is run right???? There that should answer your question and if it doesn’t then I think there is nothing I could say to help you…

    1. Remember both Trump and Barr WILL face criminal investigations once Trump is out of office. This means neither Trump nor Barr have anything to lose. These two criminals will stop at nothing to ensure a victory for Trump this election. The will lie, cheat and steal in order to get four more years of Trump in power. Our only chance of removing Trump and this criminal regime is to vote like we never had before. The power is in numbers people VOTE Nov. 3, 2020.

    1. Right?! They could have at least put quotation marks around it.

      The “Honorable” William Barr

  4. If the ever remake Smokey and the Bandit Nadler has the sheriff’s role nailed. He is just too funny to watch and not in a good way

  5. They never let him answer because they know he would tell the truth.


    The irony of Nadler denying anybody a chance to get a bite to eat is beyond measure.

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