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  1. The Consitution must be protected at any price.

    • @★ Froggie Animation ★ true, but thats unlikely since the majority of the senate is Republican. not saying it wont happen, but its highly unlikely

    • ★ Froggie Animation ★ | December 6, 2019 at 8:42 PM | Reply

      Jp Agreed completely.

    • Dave S Sorry you’re having lapses in memory Clinton was impeached for lying, not the BJ, it was “on the house.

      Sadly Davy, I suspect 1/2 will end up on Joe, 3 to HRC’s dossier and our uranium, 4,5,6 to the pallets of cash and the moronic fast and furious, and the prize for 7 May be a Dem congresswoman…OMG maybe even the pantsuit. Surely not. Look on the bright side stock market hit new high today, economy is strong, country’s not at war… it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

    • Absolutely.

    • Robert Benton i agree we war veterans must destroy the party of political correctness😁the democrats!

  2. Trump seems the nervous person and Nancy Pelosi has a cool head so far in all of this. She has nothing to be nervous over, only Donald Trump has committed crimes.

    • Appalling a constant stream of lies and push for impeachment…. constantly telling the people we got him and we have proof but then nothing… the shame of there star Hillary losing and knowing that a billionaire non politician was elected to bring down the pc b.s. culture that they created… has left them a bitter, sad , scornful embarrassment to there roots as a party….. JFK would b a Republican and hated if he was around… pedophilia and socialism is there new core values….. trump 2020

    • Pelosi is giving America to illegal foreigners at the expense of loosing our nation.

      Blue collar jobs, white collar jobs, bringing manufacturing & related jobs back from China, deregulation for success in small business benefiting Americans including Black businesses, dealing with China, Europe, the Middle East, Russia, and illegal immigration and the crazy-scary phenomena of illegal aliens sweeping across America threatening US security, economy and future etc. Thanks Mr. President for your efforts to deal with all threats including illegal immigration, China, Russia, to our military, national security, gangs like MS-13 and our economy etc. In the meantime, Peloci, AOC, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie and etc are worried about the illegal immigrants (calling them “immigrants”) and their growing tens of millions of families voting for no secure border and no deportations so that America is becoming Mexico-Central America. Of course, it is already too late to stop the US from becoming an extension of Mexico etc, but Trump can slow it down a bit.

      JESUS TAUGHT TO LOVE & FORGIVE … NOT TO BREAK THE LAW: They tried to trick Him about taxes, but Jesus indicated to follow laws asking, whose face was on that coin. “Cesar’s” was the response.” Jesus said, “Then render unto Cesar that which is Cesar’s and unto God that which is Gods.” Priests and self-righteous “humanitarians” hiding and help foreigners to break US laws and calling themselves Christians are contradicting their religion and Jesus, seems to me.

    • Brett Wilkinson | December 6, 2019 at 9:48 PM | Reply

      @Serpent Open your eyes. Democrats have become a laughing joke all around the world. They and the Establishment left media have become the enemy of the people. Trump won the 2016 Election 306 – 223 against Crooked Hillary.Trump has created over 7.6 million new jobs. America now has the lowest unemployment since 1959, creating a booming economy .There is now 158 million Americans in the workforce at present. There has never been that many people in American history, in the workforce until now. The world has become safer under Trump as Trump isn’t a war monger like the other arsehole leaders that basically ruined the entire Middle East under the Bush and Cheney Government. Democrats should be supporting Trump , instead of trying to impeach him. I find their behaviour, absolutely despicable.

    • Caroline Siegel | December 6, 2019 at 10:27 PM | Reply


  3. Defend our democracy!!!

  4. News flash, gods do not intervene. That’s why there’s impeachment process.

    • Proghead88

      God = existence

      Existence always was and always will be. There is no denying that

    • @King Slayer yeah, I get that, but there is no logic behind that statement. I think that bass guitar = everything, but what does that ACTUALLY mean? The statement has no weight on its own. I could say the universe always was and reality is endlessly mesmerizing and undeniable and that’s it. Why invoke a god? It’s extra. Reality IS the amazing part we should love. Not the fictional God that supposedly is beside all this endless landscape we’ve barely begun to explore and we’re supposed to believe in something beyond THAT before we believe in what’s in front of us that we STILL need to figure out? Not believing in God puts ALL the responsibility on YOU to figure why and how your beliefs are built, and whether they actually deserve your attention. Here’s a good way to remember my stance:
      Anything that is supernatural, by definition is outside of nature. If we can observe it and actually verify it, it ceases to be supernatural and we judge it to be natural. We can’t know supernatural facts, and you can’t expect others to believe YOUR specific supernatural theory of the world if you cannot compete in the field of verifiable evidence. Being really adamant about what you heard from someone else or a book when there is no evidence for it and having to rely on faith instead is not good enough for me.

    • Proghead88

      The statement has weight. It’s a self evident truth. Existence is one. It’s pre eternal and post eternal. Everything emanates from it. Nothing is outside of it

      How is that not logical?

    • @King Slayer the god part isn’t. You can’t just place that word next to the statement and expect me to buy it. Existence is obvious. God is not. Why is that complicated?

    • Proghead88

      Doesn’t matter what word you use. You can use god or whatever. It doesn’t change the reality which is being addressed. Words just point to a reality. Words are symbols. The word god bothers most people. Existence is obvious to you, you said. so it seems you don’t actually deny god, you just deny people’s version of god

  5. “A master of projecting” smart women

    • Tell the dumb fucks on here how smart AOC is.

    • I find it interesting that Trump, like his minions … his base, come down hardest on the people that appear to intimidate him the most. She is 100% correct when she says Trump was projecting … and I would say his minions project as well when they criticize everything from her intelligence to her physically. What Trump supporters, when they comment are telling us exactly who and what they are in a very unimpressive manner, to the point it is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    • Of course, they could be young children too.

    • @NPC d1v3rsi7y Her teeth can’t keep up with all her lies and bs, that’s why they keep clattering around in her mouth.

    • “Smart Woman”, Funny.

  6. Can’t put two words together that makes one iota of success! USA is a disgrace under these idiots.

  7. Blame me and us AGAIN
    Perfect at everything World

  8. Every damn one

  9. Diplomatic diplomacy
    Common goal translate easier
    Theoretically able to

  10. We the People Love The Great Speaker Nancy Pelosi.Thank you for revealing to the American people the sins of Trump.Its not about politics,it’s about violating the oath of the office of the Presidency.Trump must go now.

  11. You know you’re getting old when people talk about you and your there

    • Smooth Criminal | December 6, 2019 at 7:33 PM | Reply

      Old has nothing to do with it lol they talk about you because they dont fear you and most likely doesn’t respect you either🤣

  12. Honour their oath of office? The Republicans will never do that because they have no honour…other than to the Criminal-in-Chief, that is.

  13. With the amount of trolls and Russians on trying to give her grief, they must be getting really nervous about the impeachment now. They know things are starting to go down hill fast and are scrambling to spread their hate and vitriol. I wonder how much Russians get paid for defending their Orange Russian operative? Trump will be looking for another private party with Putin like the one he just had with Erdogan…unless Erdogan is now the middleman, as they’re all in bed together.

  14. we all are to pray for our leaders regardless of their party.

    • Pray for satan leave their hearts and minds.
      Pray they can find peaceful ways to coexist and making war and profiteering from the blood of innocents.

  15. “CNN ratings plummet to lowest primetime viewership in almost three years”

  16. Ashleigh Nelson | December 6, 2019 at 9:32 PM | Reply

    I pray for our republic. I hope we can keep it.

  17. She is a master!

  18. I think she is a very attractive and smart elder stateswoman.

  19. Ellison Williams | December 6, 2019 at 10:23 PM | Reply

    I did not know she was so sweet! ❤️

  20. Respect democracy, respect the election. Right?

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