Nancy Pelosi Says The GOP Is In ‘Total Disarray’ With Their Pandemic Response | The ReidOut | MSNBC


    1. Paul Knowsit virus doesn’t care about who is running the state. If a Republican was running those states the result would be the same

    2. @hugh allen Voting Democrat will end America as we know it. Look at the democratic run cities, the dead children, chaos in the streets and all the poor frightened citizens begging for Trump’s help. They can’t even protect their citizens. Cities burn. Sorry, not at all what Americans want for their Country.

    3. “Person. Woman. Man. Camera… TV!”

      Yeah. He will be remembered as the dumbest POTUS of all time.

  1. The GOP wants the same thing that it always wants, more welfare for billionaires, banks and corporations. If it benefits the people, republicans don’t want anything to do with it.

    1. Cynthia Marie In corn pop we trust! Burn loot murder you’re the violence party! I’m sleepy Joey and I forgot this message.

    2. @TheHopetown Aww…all of you Russian cyber bears make pathetic, desperate comments. Did they teach you that in NASHI camp? BTW, mogilevich has the video of putin raping little boys back when he was relatively new to the kgb. You know, the one that the kgb set up to control him; the one he thought he destroyed when he became the head of the fsb (formerly the kgb).

    3. Cynthia Marie is that what you’re going to say when you lose again? RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA. Do you credit your neighbors for your green grass? BLM=BURN LOOT MURDER you have to win, right?

  2. Only in America can a president and party be so openly corrupt and incompetent, AND keep 40 per cent unwavering support 🙄

    1. It’s all a Rich Mans Trick
      Yeah I leave you Americans up to your conspiracy theories. I’m European and we believe in the real world 🙄🙈🤦🏼‍♀️

    2. Donald Trump Jr.
      Oh god your profile picture is like me choosing the face of Hitler. Do you even know how stupid you look? You are blindly supporting a man violating your constitution every single day. You look like a moron!

    3. Amalusta Ra Should have clarified “among developed nations”. But then again, I actually think America has left that group.

  3. Let’s get real: the GOP’s pandemic response to the suffering of Americans is a colossal disaster; Republicans have been for decades only focused on the money in their bank accounts.

    1. Kevin Rong
      1 second ago
      The virus is from China, but the Dems never blamed China; When the virus came to America, the Dems were still impeaching Trump; When Trump stopped the airplane with China, the Dems said “it is racist”; when Trump ordered quarantine and the situation was getting better, the Dems incited those “movements”.. The Dems are playing political cards with the pandemic, did they do anything good to this country?

    2. @Kevin Rong
      China is responsible for letting the Pandemic spread across the world.
      Trump is responsible for letting the Pandemic spread across the Country.

    3. Yes of course, Pesosi has all the right answers. Dancing and celebrating Chinese news years in China town, encouraging people to get out..and ignoring and condemning Trumps warnigs. Yeah that sounds like it responsible response to the pandemic. BULL…you’re a brain washed democrap!

  4. That’s the reality of all they don’t care about the working class they think we can survive this with maruchan the rest of the year……..

  5. The silver lining in all of this is that the radical right’s love affair with Trump has outed their fascist agenda once and for all and for all to see. We must vote them out of office and then get busy with repairing the incredible damage they’ve done and set a truly progressive course forward.

  6. I don’t think we should limit their total disarray to the pandemic. They’re fairly dysfunctional across the board.

    1. I agree BURN LOOT MURDER is BL, the only way forward! I’m Joey Biden and I forgot this message.

  7. If it comes down to bailing out the states and I have a hunch it will, it’s gonna drag out awhile.

  8. Just a closer Walk with the Lord Jesus Christ that is more than enough for me and get Trump and the Republican party under my feet

  9. Listen they have their millions why would they care whether the average American can pay rent or buy food too bad. Karma will be be their due.

    1. @B G yeh there the only party looking out for Joe dirt no really a surprise really it’s getting close to throw Trump under the bus time

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  10. “Total Disarray” … I’d say that’s the equivalent of “Deplorables.”
    Understatements of the Century.

  11. “No, I’m not concerned at all. No, we’ve done a great job with it.” — Donald Trump on March 7 … and here we are

    1. Look at what Dems do: when Trump closed the airplane to China, Pelosi said it is racist; when Trump ordered the quarantine, Dems incited those “movements”, how can America get better when the Dems are making troubles.

  12. They have been exposed along time ago. Get Them OUT!!! We have seen their crimes outright…..Greed & Criminals!!!!

  13. She’s right on with the “shoring up the stock market” thing. That is a false indicator of “the economy” and the well being of American citizens, but it’s used over and over by Trump to show what a great job he is doing. They are subsidizing entire industries and multinational companies to keep this illusion going that “everything is fine”. It’s sick.

  14. Priorities of the people:

    Get that money handed out to the people and do not let the money hungry big Corporation millionaires billionaires gobble it up

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