1. One representative out of 450, from a district of drug addicts and tech billionaires represents the entire nation somehow 🤷‍♂️

  1. I’m torn on this. One part of me says, we should be able to go there whenever we want. The other part of me says, what reason do you have going there?

  2. What does he mean “dare”? She’s grown. But anyways, my concern is that China is saying Taiwan is a part of China.

  3. Omg 😱 after the language used by the Chinese foreign ministry’s spokesperson, if Nancy Pelosi doesn’t go to Taiwan 🇹🇼, America 🇺🇸 will lose its face.

    1. We have no face. There’s some potato punching bag in a suit absorbing the political blows but no one really knows who is actually in charge

  4. Maybe they’ll take her out for us?? I’ll even chip in a go fund me to get a green light on her 😂😂

  5. Good thing she is going first. She can test it for us whether or not their missile really works.

  6. This will definitely be one way to remove her from office. Have a nice trip enjoy your time there

  7. He’s literally DARING her to go to Taiwan. I’m suprised he didnt triple dog dare her to go to Taiwan.

    1. …how in the hell does everyone know about the triple dog dare. Do they teach this in school all over the world?

    2. @Sam Hull It was an iteration on the double dog dare. But there was never a single dog dare or simply, a dog dare, I don’t think?

  8. “Let’s wait and see” if you can’t even make the threat how is anyone supposed to be afraid? Tf is a “strong measure” lmao

  9. If you’re going to start a war to “prove you can go where you want”, you should be forced to fight on the front lines with your family. Then see if you make that trip.

    Starting a war OTHER children will fight and die for over a trip is the definition of dumb mixed in with some evil.

    In fact, every leader who starts a war should be required to go to the front lines and risk their lives. Then we would see how many wars they would be willing to personally die for. Probably zero

    1. @toby lopez thank you very much for your service!! I truly appreciate everything you did for this country! 🇺🇸 🫡

    2. Ok , and now nuclear weapons are possibly involved. There’s more to the story than this simple visit.

    3. @Sammy hooligan where did you see a story about nukes? Before we give away nukes we better be sure they aren’t turned on us one day.

    4. @Russell Reeves Saying you only care about america or Americans when it’s your tribe or party isn’t very American. Shame on you. America is built on differences, dissent, and also patriotism – regardless of party. Wishing evil on others – even your own American brothers and sisters is cowardly and Shameful.

      God bless and keep them all. God have mercy on us all. Not just those in our tribe, church, or party.

  10. on the other hand, I think US should double check with Japan and Korea in their commitment and make sure that they r in for the first blood instead of waiting for US to draw the first blood if thing goes south…

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