Nancy Pelosi's Strategy For Getting Democrats To The Polls In November | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Nancy Pelosi’s Strategy For Getting Democrats To The Polls In November | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


Democrats are looking past their fights with Trump to get voters to the polls in November. Sheryl Gay Stolberg of The New York Times joins to discuss. Aired on 02/21/20.
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Nancy Pelosi's Strategy For Getting Democrats To The Polls In November | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. Lets impeach that AH again, for retaliating against witnesses in the impeachment trail and using his office against the rule of law

    1. @Running Bear And while you have the Constitutional right to say that, I also have the right to call you a moron and brainwashed. No one is a waste of life, not even those with lack of intelligence as yourself.

    2. @Trisha Ann If Stone hadn’t interfered they could have nailed Trumpty Dumpty in the Mueller report. But Rump still would have been acquitted by the Spineless Red State Senators.

  2. Youd think that because its election time and hes running for reelection that hed want to button up any checks or possible doorway from people to interfere.. well I say this.
    Trumps not worried about anyone interfering in the election because he knows who’s coming in the back door AND he knows they are in his side. They’ve got his back.

    1. @Waianae CCM Health Center so the corrupt senate can acquit,him,again,and his ill,base will be,even more,psycho!?!??!?! Wai!?!???!

    2. @Jeanne 54 I do not see my comment. so I’ll try again: I just said that he is what you said, and so much more.

    Most people that don’t vote feel (correctly) that their vote won’t matter,  because of the electoral college. Tell them this: “Your vote still matters, because it shows the monsters in charge that WE ARE OUT HERE.  There is a tipping point, where our side can eventually win, despite the electoral college, gerrymandering, etc.  LET THEM KNOW YOU EXIST, AND HOW YOU FEEL. – VOTE! “

    1. @Trisha Ann What have I done? I vote…I live in a state where for voting president that is actually meaningless. Voting for senate—meaningless, and vote for house still meaningless, cause its going to be dem no matter what.
      It is damaging to the dem party to have the leader in the house hold that position for almost 2 decades……….and 80 yo, and filthy rich over 120 million dollars. If pelosi was actually doing all that she could to get rid of trump she wouldn’t be the speaker of the house right now. That position along with many other top positions like head of committees should be used to elevate younger democrats so we have more politically experienced and electable politicians…instead the top position of the house is being used so pelosi can rip of speeches and wag her finger,,,,,and I’m all for that, as long as you take the next step and go all in, cause half way won’t do it…trump should be called a liar and a con man by every dem politician constantly ….

    2. @Trisha Ann Over the last 2 decades of pelosi being the dem leader in the house, the only times the dems have had the majority have been in SPITE of her, not because of her. People were voting against republicans, not for pelosi and dems…..the examples …..dems get house after republican lies of the iraq war and torture, dems maintain house as president has 2 nd worse economic recession. 2010 and Pelosi’s leaders helps the dems get killed in house……all the way up til a con man is elected president……after that, dems get the house again because people of how terrible trump /republicans are….
      will trump 2020 be bad enough for voters to overlook 80 yo elderly pelosi and her 120 plus million dollars and vote dem in the house? maybe
      maybe pelosi can be top dem in house for another 20 years…as being 100 yo isn’t going to stop pelosi from keeping power regardless of the damage to the dem party she creates…and don’t kid yourself…she is.

    3. @Jon Turnbull That’s not his point. And you won’t ever figure out what it is, but us progressive liberals learned HOW to think, not WHAT to think. And look up “proofread” or “grammar” it would be less easy for us to tell that you’re Russian or Republican Cult filler.

    4. Blink Once on Sunday! Because it’s the United States. Each state has a degree of autonomy. Also. because the Democrats are so incredibly incompetent and moronic that they don’t realize they have to eat and someone has to produce the food, and by screwing the farmers in the middle of the country there’s no more food for anyone. You can’t run Idaho towns the same way you run San Francisco, especially if you don’t want Idaho towns to turn into crime ridden cesspools filled with homeless people crapping on the streets.

    1. @M P I’m 74 and an ex army conscript. I have no respect for somebody, who compares me with Epstein. And I tell you, also army veterans can be Incels.

  4. Is it possible for Steve to just ask a question without first having a discussion with himself to try and make us think he’s smarter than the person he’s interviewing? It’s annoying.

  5. Nancy Pelosi, please exercise the Power of the Purse given you under the Constitution – that surely will put the fear of God on Donald Trump.

    1. Act quickly, before we hear the words if a could ah, would ah, soon become a gonah? Then, it would be too late, to turn the situation backwards.

    2. Nah, she’s to stupid….. Trump just wouldn’t fund anything on the long list of Democratic giveaways….. Way more to lose and at worst, we balance the budget

    3. Pelosi is fake when it comes to God..She hates to much to believe in God.Everyone going after Trump or anyone will have to explain their hate to God.

    1. Donald Trump is Putin’s puppet and Mitch McConnell and the rest of the Republicans are closing a blind eye they know that this man has his own personal agenda and he is running this country like it’s a mob organization anybody he chooses to fire he is doing it

    2. Leonard Nothing like Southern Soul Blues Marshall Come on now. I don’t believe that, why. Simple, they knew the truth about their president tendencies, not when he ran for president, but for almost the rest of his life. Just like everyone else knows. Why then no bank institution lend him money? Bankrupted 5 or 6 times? His way out were the Russians and they bought him. They trained and coached him. For the Reps, I can tell you this; there is no such a thing of closing their eyes in what’s so obvious. They were waiting for a guy like they’ve got now. Why? Look around their party and look around the Democrat party. Diversity isn’t something they will never be for it. They hate that to the marrow. From the timé Obama rightfully won the presidency, McConnell moved to block anything and everything Obama wanted to do. Even then Obama brought back the disastrous economy the prior administration left him.

  6. Will the DNC staffers be forced to sign NDA,s at those events with the purpose of rigging the polls against Bernie Sanders . Like in Nevada .

  7. Nancy needs to retire and enjoy the hard earned money she got from billionaires and stop with the plastic surgery. she can’t even move her face

  8. corrupt DNC, crooket Pelosi, they transformed Dems into taking advantage of the working class instead of fighting for them

  9. Democrat voters are at the POLLS already!
    Pelosi, turn on the TV and see your next president.

  10. Guess what everyone let Trump continue in this manner Almighty God Jehovah will Smite him and All of his Enemies Amen!!!***

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