Nanos: 2023 budget could signal if an federal election is coming | TREND LINE's Michael Stittle and Nanos Research's Nik Nanos discuss the upcoming federal budget and if it could cause a further rift in the Liberal-NDP alliance.

Watch the full episode for the latest polling numbers for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and a new survey showing how Canadians feel about the country:

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  1. What we know about the budget so far.
    64 cents a day grocery rebate for 11 million vulnerable Canadians, nothing for middle class Canadians.
    14 cent carbon tax , 6.3 % alcohol tax among other taxes for all Canadians on April 1st.
    $5,000 – $10,000 pay raise for MPs on April 1st.
    Sounds like a budget to help those join the vulnerable class.

  2. Jugmeat getting a pay raise , plus keeping an imaginary strangle hold to force liberal policy will buy his support. Jugmeat already wavered on health care. That was to be reformed by end of 2023. Now he says only the framework needs to be done.

  3. Singh will sadly support all as he needs to stay in power , low life , no integrity MT suits do that , only care about themselves .

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