Nanos: B.C. could play key role in deciding the 2021 election 1

Nanos: B.C. could play key role in deciding the 2021 election


Pollster Nik Nanos and the National Observer's Rochelle Baker discuss the latest polling in B.C. and what issues are key for the province.

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    1. For such big issues we need to be very careful. What we can be certain is that the proposed solutions will have great impact economically to many ppl. What we are more or less certain is that the climate seems to be changing a bit. What is totally unknown is whether the proposed solution is indeed a solution.

  1. Vote Trudeau out or this country will see financial ruin in the coming years. The quality of life for all Canadians will plummet very soon if Liberals remain in control of our economy.

    1. @TheSweetOne I really don’t… If you truly think I do, then please explain. Otherwise, there is no validity to your statement.

    2. The damage is already done. Canadian GDP for 2021 is only $1650B and $280B of that is federal deficit spending. The real economy is only $1370B. Canadian GDP peaked at $1847B under Harper. (All numbers USD). The purchasing power of an average Canadian is down more than 25% already thanks to Trudeau’s failed economic policies.

    1. No they will not, they have a 1 percent chance at best, the only way is for them to get an extra 20 percent of the vote

    1. Conservatives are needed after liberals party’s to balance the budget for the next liberal party because guess what? It doesn’t balance them-self

  2. Time to disclose, copy and paste pictures of the living demons responsible for the thousands of unmarked graves at the Indigenous residential schools. Those monsters need to be prosecuted. A.S.A.P!

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