Nanos breaks down the ‘awkward diplomacy’ behind Trudeau’s tense exchange with Xi | TREND LINE


  1. Trudeau did not even have the courtesy to wait for Xi’s interpreter to finish before he started on his usual meaningless platitudes. Those platitudes and his entitled attitude might be accepted by Canadians but they do not play on the world stage. He has now continued with his “all Canadians” rhetoric. It is 2022, not 1922.

    1. Maybe he understands Xi’s original Mandarin speech??!! 😂😂🤣🤣 Support Trudeau not this Xi dictator who is supposed to step down after 2 terms, who supports Putin, supposedly plans to attack Taiwan.., let’s not forget what’s happening to the Ughr.!!, etc etc

    2. Wait, why does Xi deserve the courtesy?
      He’s a belligerent adversary presiding over unprecedented espionage and subversion against Canada.

    3. Total embarassment – one always wait for the translator to finish, unless Junior learned Putonghua in his off times!

    1. Yeah, that’s really funny. China’s been spanking Canada for more than five years and you’re laughing at our Prime Minister. Maybe you should move there since you admire him so much.

  2. Hes, pissed at Trudeu because he reiterated a conVERSATION HE had with him, and Trudeau rebuked him, but Xi, said no way ,get lost

  3. The guest is wrong. This happened during Charest administration. He used some repressive laws that even raised the UN’s eyebrow.
    the tuition were gonna go up almost 100% in some field while there were terrible financial management in the educational system+universities.

  4. Trudeau reminds me of Mr. Bean , floating around about the town from place to place , country to country , but something Beanish about him. Then charges Canadians big time for his Beanish Carbon Foot prints.

  5. The dignified prime minister doesn’t understand diplomatic etiquette, so it’s only natural for him to be taught a lesson! It’s ridiculous for Canadians

  6. Apologize for “arresting Meng Wanzhou”
    Do not interfere China’s internal affairs
    Recognize different countries see things differently
    Respect each other
    Just focus on trading and business

    And finally grow some backbone, not be a lap dog.

  7. That happened to the doggy Canadian for being a betrayer, war supporter, liar, and fascist actions. Must learn to respect and be honest.

  8. Dialogue between heads of state could affect the volatility of the entire stock index. This is not some teens chatting at a pub….Trudeau were really naive as his looks.

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