1. Why? Are you trying to suggest they shouldn’t have used the Emergency Act, that ended an idiotic occupation that lasted weeks, in days!? Make this make sense

    1. It’s their democratic right as it is yours. Go ahead and make use of it, do it for weeks … see if Trudeau let’s ya keep your right or if he’s going to trample on it.

  2. I am not a fan of Trudeau, i can’t stand listening to him talk in a breathy voice. I find him terribly condescending. However i think he did very well on Friday.

    1. That wasn’t the real Trudeau up there on stand , that was hours and hours of the best coaching money can buy

    2. @cody larkhart he didn’t break any laws and did not commit human rights violations and why have all the court cases taking the government to court lost using those arguments

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