Nanos: Inflation, COVID-19, climate change a 'trifecta of pain for Canadians' 1

Nanos: Inflation, COVID-19, climate change a ‘trifecta of pain for Canadians’


Pollster Nik Nanos breaks down a new poll, which found Canadians consider inflation their top concern over COVID-19 and climate change.

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  1. I don’t see the point of posting videos like this, We know the troubles we are in and we know the government doesn’t really care enough to fix them. That should be the story look into budgets or our sky rocketing homeless population rent in cities around Toronto have just gone insane, in school we were taught 30% of your income goes to rent or house payments what have you. But now it is looking more like 75% of income is going to rent. That is a problem on top of that Privatized electricity companies are charging insane rates, I have spoken with Americans who consume the same amount of power and pay 75 dollars a MONTH, In ontario 200 is considered LOW. We have more issues that can be fixed but just wont.

  2. Federal and provincial governments can collaborate and use their money on housing, and building rapid transit system, rather than spending on less useful projects. They have the power and money to solve these problems.

  3. We need a new government, Justin is burying Canada in debt and inflation. Apparently the budget doesn’t balance itself…

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