1. Poor landlords. I don’t feel sorry for the bums that abused the system to go back to normal bum status.

    1. @STONE Nothing to do with getting work, these changes step on small business owners and employers. Many business are fine but others still need help, your simplistic “time to get some work” spin is a talking point for the simple that misses the point badly and strawman’s those discussing the payments.

    1. Silly impossible childish spin, we have issues to fix. Empowering oligarchs and corporate feudalism has no upside.

  2. It is endemic – been that way for more than a year. Learn to live with it rather than make corporations richer and fascist governments stronger

  3. HOLY CRAP! Who the hell did this survey. Everyone I know wants the money to keep flowing. ROLMAO. YEA PLEASE STOP GIVING IUT FREE MONEY.

  4. No, this is not an indication of hope and an end to the pandemic. We’re tired of seeing all these political games being played on our jobs, homes, income, and lives, while the 1% just get richer, and more and more rules, restrictions, and mandates are placed on the 99% who are actually helping our country run, and move forward.

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