Nanos on Canada’s housing problems: ‘It’s a ticking time bomb’ | TREND LINE

Trend Line's Michael Stittle and Nik Nanos break down new polling showing high real estate costs are having an impact on older Canadians.

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    1. What do you PP will do for you when he didn’t care if Canadain die we need a government that care for all Justin is the better of the Two

  1. It takes 3 years now to evict a bad tenant. Landlords are failing. Roofs are failing. Buildings are failing. The LTB has failed. Yet government workers are still being paid to process moving protocols for eviction. Welcome to Canada. We stand on guard for thee.

  2. Social development low income earners are the hardest hit next to homelessness increase rates to match the rent and there might be some families struggling having a better grip on their need to house their children…

  3. 1, Legislate how much one family can own, close all loopholes.
    2, Ban investment realtors
    3, percent based rent across the board. Don’t like it, don’t rent!
    4, Build war time homes in numbers as we did after ww2.
    This is just for starters, greed is the issue here, let’s end this nonsense

  4. The federal government owns over 10,000. Acres at Pickering very close to the go station The Pickering. Airport land has been sitting there for 50. Years. Why not start to mark out where the airport is going to be and build the rest out

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