1. So with the super thin atmosphere, how does a helicopter work without tearing itself apart from the necessary high rpm?

    1. @ridingwithdavid They said around 2500 rpm for the mars helicopter. That’s still not very fast, not as fast as a regular drone rpm.

  2. I’m all for space travel but with a purpose this is just a waste of billions of dollars I mean you can’t live on why bother with it Its inhospitable.. Set up a relay station for communications and then go someplace where there’s oxygen or some place that is beneficial im lost when it comes this subject. But it really looks like a waste of money

    1. Well, there’s not many places out there that are more hospitable than mars. Gotta start somewhere if humans are ever gonna leave earth

    2. @MPIronmanJC To be more precise, there are almost certainly millions of places out there more hospitable than Mars, but we aren’t going to get to any of those probably for millennia from now. So Mars is the best we’ve got for now.

    3. @Dean Roddey true enough, I just meant in the context of where we can get to within the next few years.

    4. If you’re lost at this subject, then you should be aware that this is definitely not a waste of money. There are various other plans NASA has under it’s sleeve that can’t be fulfilled due to budget constraints. This particular mission has objectives set to study a different world for potential human colonization.

  3. Infeliz comparação. Os irmãos Wright levaram anos experimentando seu invento.
    Não vejo muita possibilidade de erros para o Ingenuity. Desejo sucesso na primeira tentativa.

  4. 20 flat earthers still upset they haven’t received presents from Santa clause since they where 8.

  5. Can u imagine in another 100 years if we don’t destroy our earth and life as we know it ?

  6. NASA this and NASA that, but NASA can’t consistently launch rockets, while SPACEX is eating their lunch.

    1. NASA and SpaceX are partners lol not adversaries. They’re literally working together on projects.

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