NASCAR’s Bubba Wallace gets show of support after noose found in his garage

NASCAR drivers, pit crew members and others walked alongside Bubba Wallace and escorted his Number 43 car in a show of support at the Talladega Superspeedway a day after a noose was found in his garage.
In a video tweeted by NASCAR Executive Vice President Steve O'Donnell, Wallace's car is being followed and pushed down pit row by a large procession of people. Wallace, wearing an American flag face mask, was emotional while hugging drivers and supporters, including NASCAR legend Richard Petty.
CNN's Dianne Gallagher reports.



    1. Hillbillies were and still are making moonshine… They don’t care about the Confederacy. They were to poor to have a slave.

    1. Black athletes dominate all major sports except hockey and motorsports. These guys are really busy and can’t be everywhere.

    2. The only Black Man within 50 miles of NASCAR. If he wasn’t a driver we wouldn’t hear anything about this. I hope this helps change things?

    3. Are you seriously surprised? 90% of NASCAR’s base are folks who think black people should still be using their own water fountains.

    1. @24james you’re corny and boring 😴😴. You little men don’t be so upset that you’re culture is dying

  1. we need more people like this i’m black when I get on the streets I hope I don’t experience racism

    1. As a white person I hope and pray that you never experience any kind of hatred or bigotry. I wish this world was a kinder place for all.

    1. That’s what happens when COVID causes crowds to disappear. Look up the guy who runs NASCAR. NASCAR made a big damn mistake hiring him. Wouldn’t be the first time. Companies fail all the time.

    1. @ray ray The weakness of the internet is that they have all started to take their thoughts seriously…without cause or reason. Such is the punishment of technological change. But what do I know? Time Magazine said the internet would make the world a better place. Who am I to disagree with Time Magazine?

  2. Not sure why so many feel the need to accuse him of faking it. As pissed off as people are about that damn flag it’s not a stretch that someone would hang a noose in his garage. The Confederate flag and nooses go hand in hand.

    1. Because the garage is highly secured with cameras everywhere and no fans were allowed in, so it’s odd that it’s taking this long to find out who did it.

    2. Because Jussie Smollet lied. He gave them ammo to use this to fit their racist narrative. The only people saying he’s faking it are racists.

    3. Lord have mercy, please stop watchin TV. We are all people, we all come from the same source. The facts are the world is ran by bankers, we live in a police state. Its about putting us into groups and havin us fight amongst each other. Its a strategy of control.

    4. @Path of Resistance We’re saying we want proof, as in actual evidence. There is none, despite constant surveillance.

  3. I think that sore-loser, Ray Ciccarelli had something to do with this, because he was mad at NASCAR for agreeing with Bubba Wallace about removing the Confederate flag! One thing always leads to another!

    1. Sam Harris Yep, you solved the case Colombo!!! The good news, two Nigerian brothers had NOTHING to do with this heinous crime 😂💯

  4. Fox News just had a guest on that basically said to Laura, “I’d request 8-10,000 troops to secure all churches and monuments of historical value.” Let’s see how long this guy stays free. He sure ain’t safe anymore!

  5. The Confederate flag is a symbol of treason. Those that fly it, or wave it are followers of a treasonous ideology.

    1. Yup just like those who follow the Democratic Party. Let us all remember they were the Confederates during the Civil War after all…

    2. @Katrina Hogue hahahaha! Hahahaha! Your using that from 200+ years ago?!? Hahahaha!!!
      And your beloved Republicans are killing it! Literally!

  6. They are losing the culture war, a war for good and decency. About time.

    Go support NASCAR, since they are trying so hard and doing such good work.

  7. Imagine flying the flag of the people who were traitors and killed Americans to defend slavery? And then you talk about patriotism.

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