1. @Lotso’ – Huggin’ – Bear remember that none of them are killing school children and staff in Nashville

  1. One reason the suspect is able to amble around at ease is because there is TOTAL COMFORT that no one is going to resist them.

    1. ​@OneBigBugga you’re right. Nobody there to do anything until the cops show up obviously works out so much better.

    1. @DarthSailorMoon you still have nothing to add days after that conversation?
      Do you need a friend? Is that why you’re following me? He buddy… you’re good enough, you’re smart enough, and gosh darn it… People like you!

    1. @Kilvarough it’s not all modification its closing and securing or getting better doors. I mean they can modify and spend on everything else give me a break. It’s not that complicated we can give billions to Ukraine we can modify a dam door.

  2. We have a girl who thinks that she’s a boy makes a post on Instagram that “she’s probably going to die today and it will probably be on the news”. She then shoots her way into a school and kills innocent children and adults before being shot. The president Begin’s his acknowledgement of this tragedy by joking about chocolate chip ice cream while the press laughs. He then goes on to say hello to some kids in the audience while the reporters take selfies and continue to laugh. He then blames the gun. This country is a mess right now.

  3. A world class lesson in tragedy response:

    1. Make jokes about chocolate chip ice cream. CHECK
    2. Make comments about someone’s “good looking kids” in the back of the room. CHECK
    3. Get the facts about the ongoing situation wrong. CHECK
    4. Call a lid. CHECK
    5. Hide in the basement. CHECK

    1. I like how the shooter “Audrey Hale” entered the school wearing black Puma shoes. But some how managed to change her shoes during the shooting to black Vans with fire on the side.
      It’s almost like they filmed the shooting during a couple of days to try and get it just right. But oops, the main actor changed her shoes 🙄

  4. This was handled much better. I think this shooting in particular should fuel a renewed discussion on the *cause* of shootings though.

    While there is more to learn, we do know the shooter was a transgender MTF. We know they harbored resentment toward their former religious school. All of this is highly reflective of the current political climate. Recent studies done over the past few years have continued to show correlations between political affiliation/engagement and mental health strife. How we engage with each other. How we talk about each other. It’s all degraded so immensely that we’re creating an environment where “oh would someone rid me of this priest” becomes an intrusive thought. We create a polarizing and emotionally vexing environment for people to lose their minds in. We pay practically no mind to actually helping people with mental illnesses. Guns don’t kill people. The gunman uses their firearm to kill people. This issue is more complex than placing arbitrary restrictions on legal sales of attachments or firearms. We have to address the source. Right now, it’s up to culture reform and mental health legislation.

    1. @Ray Nold and pointing fingers one way then calling it a day is part of the problem. Republicans have their issues as well. Both sides hold this self righteous view that their way is the right and only way. While I agree with the general argument of “wokeness”, I think the term is crude and meaningless. If you want to have a dialogue about democrats going too far, you gotta lay it out and address them. Going off about wokeness just turns off democrats immediately to the conversation and makes republicans nod their heads loose. It’s a buzz word. Trump is a problem for the party, yet he holds 60% or more of the vote right now in polling. He’s a walking problem. Policies? Sure. MAGA? Keep it. Just cut the fat. If the republicans collectively told trump to retire (not just the uniparty republicans) then we could actually get two birds with one stone for republicans; get rid of a problem and show good faith to the left. Not that that’s enough, but it gets your foot in the door to lead by example and start a dialogue.

    2. @Ray Nold 这一点我不认同,枪支本就不该在军队和警队以外的地方出现。当一个只有14岁的少年对他的同学和老师扣动扳机的时候你觉得他是左翼还是右翼?

  5. RIP to the children and staff. Condolences to their families. I really really hope that MSNBC and CNN will not let this story slip away because the shooter was transgender and the victims were Christians.

  6. Observation: All previous reporting said shooter entered through a side door. That is not a side door.

    1. The victims family’s should sue the big pharma companies that made her testosterone therapy medication and the doctors that scripted them to her.

  7. Replace teachers with army rangers and counselors with police officers. Single point of entry being guarded by green berets. Murica?🇺🇲

  8. So sad for the victim’s families. There’s too many guns and too many unstable people in our society. If they can’t get rid of the guns in America then all schools should be required to have at least 2 armed security guards during school hours.

    1. 我和一位美国的小学老师交流过这个问题,雇佣武装守卫太贵了,学校负担不起。除非政府出钱

  9. “We’ve already sent our USUAL Thoughts and Prayers to Nashville. Not a Joke!” – The Carcass In Chief

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